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Zarya and the Cursed Skull, RPG Adventure Game Seeks Greenlight Votes

Zarya and the Cursed Skull is a fantasy adventure puzzle game developed by Rodz Games. You of course play as Zarya, a young girl that has just discovered that she is gifted with powerful magical abilities, and must use them to stop a great evil.

Zarya and the Cursed Skull seems to also be a French book series that started back in 2009, written by JP Goyette. The game appears to follow the same storyline and adventures of Zarya as she solves mysteries and stops evil monsters from taking over the world. In her current game, she is investigating the disappearance of young girls that have started going missing in Paris.

However, strange black beasts have also been appearing, and a dangerous villain named Malphas has taken notice of Zarya’s powers. It seems that Zarya’s grandfather is no stranger to magic, the rising evil monsters, and the secrets that surrounds their family’s past history and powerful magical abilities, and is now ready to reveal those secrets to start Zarya’s training.

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I will admit that the graphics look a bit outdated, but the concept does seem interesting. Zarya and the Cursed Skull plays out like an action, puzzle adventure game, where you will need to solve puzzles and riddles to progress forward, fight a variety of different monsters using a collection of different spells and abilities, and defeat boss monsters that attempt to kill you to progress on to the next area and move the story forward.

So far, the trailer and pictures has shown Zarya using a flamethrower style fire spell, a magical defensive shield, and a some type of orb projectile spell. If she has more abilities they haven’t been revealed just yet. The developers released a gameplay and story trailer video for Zarya and the Cursed Skull showcasing a bit of what you can expect when the game releases. Take a look at the video down below.

If you are currently on the fence with Zarya and the Cursed Skull, you can check out a free gameplay demo that the developers released on their official website so that you can test the game out before making up your mind. If you like what you see and would like to see the game come to Steam, you can head over to their Steam Greenlight page for further details and to cast your vote. Zarya and the Cursed Skull is scheduled for a 2016 release date, so it will be available for purchase sometime soon.

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