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Hohokum PS4 Speed Run Guide

One of the weirdest games released for PlayStation consoles this month was Hohokum, an artful little gem from Honeyslug and Sony’s Santa Monica studio. The game has a non-linear design that has caused some gamers frustrations while it’s opened up a door for a new way to enjoy the zen-game genre by attempting to actually speed run through the game. That’s right, someone has done a speed run of Hohokum. It’s like drinking a lot of coffee and attempting to speed meditate as a shaolin monk.

The speed run guide comes courtesy of YouTube user AlMonsterIGC who warns gamers that he actually doesn’t have a perfect speed run, but offers his video playthrough as a sort of guide as to how you should shape your run-through of Hohokum, even though you’re supposed to be enjoying every single second like sipping on a tall glass of lemon-squeezed iced-tea on a brisk Sunday summer’s morning.

Anyway, the speed run will actually run you about an hour and a half, which is pretty short considering the kind of game this is. You’ll likely want to find some way to relax because you probably won’t fully understand what’s happening on the screen. Just let it happen… like Chipotle’s Mexican food running through your lower extremities like illegal immigrants coming in hot off the border. You can’t stop it, but you sure can marvel at it.

Some users noted that the speed run above actually helped them amp up their own game, and they even used AlMonsterIGC’s mistakes as their warning signs for what not to do.

If this is your first time seeing Hohokum in action and you managed to watch the whole thing without tripping out on LSD, then I applaud you… because I don’t think anyone would be able to sit through the whole thing with no clue what’s going on without needing a little cognitive acclivity supported by a foreign substance.

Anyway, you can grab Hohokum right now for the PS4, PS3 or the PlayStation Vita. Need to learn more info about the game? No problem, check it out over on the official website.

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