About us

If the page about The Doritocracy didn’t give you enough of a hint about what the site is all about, a simple breakdown would be this: One Angry Gamer is a news and information site with a bit of a snappy edge and unbridled snark. All of the postings are based on factual, relevant information gathered in a timely fashion from within the gaming industry.

If you don’t mind chuckling while being informed then you’ve come to the right place.

One Angry Gamer has a dedicated staff headed up by Karolis

The site covers indie games, mid-budget titles, big-budget games, development news, game engine news, Early Access entries, Greenlight games, Kickstarter projects, sales trends, e-sports news, interviews with various developers, corruption within the gaming industry, ethics in media journalism, censorship within tech, and review reports based on recently released titles.

If you need to reach out, feel free to check out admin(at)oneangrygamer.net