Privacy Policy

How do we use your information?

The staff at One Angry Gamer does not actively collect information from you, unless specifically requested for contests or giveaways. For the aforementioned contests or giveaways, the information we do collect only includes contact or shipping information, which may include but is not limited to: social media contact handles, names, service handles or shipping addresses.

We do not disclose personal information or private data of users unless requested, and we do not actively give personal information or private user data to any affiliate or non-affiliated third-party organizations.

We do not actively collect or seek to collect information or data from any person(s) under the age of 13. The site is intended for use for those over the age of 13.

Third-Party Services

Third-party software services may request information from you for participating in their functionality, such as Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or dedicated ad services. We do not use or request visitor information for any purposes, unless otherwise intended for giveaways and contests.

Some of the websites linked on or through One Angry Gamer may also request personal or private information depending on the nature of the site. Some links that appear on One Angry Gamer may include, but are not limited to: contests, beta registration forms, sign-up pages, digital storefronts or official gaming websites. We do not provide user indemnity for whatever occurs off this site or through any links that may appear on One Angry Gamer, either in the form of an article or through a linked comment, social media service, page or ad.


Some plugins, social media services and ads may use cookies to save information about your personal surfing preferences. The cookies may be used to deliver ads to your browsing experience on One Angry Gamer. Unless otherwise stated, these cookies are not used for any intended purposes other than storing data.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines may also store and relate cookie information to their databases as you browse the website.

We are not liable for how any of the search engines, web services or third-party ad services utilize data collected from visitors.

By using One Angry Gamer or any associated services, you acknowledge that you adhere to the information provided within this privacy policy and agree to the terms of the policy.

Common ID Cookie

This site uses cookies and similar tracking technologies such as the Common ID cookie to provide its services. Cookies are important devices for measuring advertising effectiveness and ensuring a robust online advertising industry. The Common ID cookie stores a unique user id in the first party domain and is accessible to our ad partners. This simple ID that can be utilized to improve user matching, especially for delivering ads to iOS and MacOS browsers. Users can opt out of the Common ID tracking cookie by clicking here.

Advertising Privacy Settings

When you use our site, pre-selected companies may access and use certain information on your device and about your interests to serve ads or personalized content. You may revisit or change consent-choices at any time by clicking here.