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Stranded Deep Basic Starter And Crafting Guide

Need help getting started in the emergent survival game Stranded Deep? Well, there’s a couple of helpful starting guides to help get you on your way and surviving in the highly popular title, teaching you how to craft, make campfires and get along with some of the creatures of the deep sea.

YouTuber FPS Stephen offers a very rudimentary survival guide for Stranded Deep, giving gamers a basic idea of what to do once you get into the game and how to make use of some of the basic elements of survival. You can check out the video below.

If you need a quick rundown of the contents of the video, it’s as follows: Use a rock, a rope and a stick to make a crude axe. Two stones, a rope and a stick will get you a hammer, and a rock shard, a stick and a rope will get you a knife. Changing it up and using two sticks, a rope and a rock shard will get you a spear.

Rock shards can be made by using a knife on standard rock.

To make a campfire just chop down some trees; chop the sections of the tree down into sticks. You can use the sticks to make a camp fire. Craft the campfire and use the lighter to set it ablaze.

Capture a crab by the shore. You can use captured crab to cook it over the fire and eat some grub. To do so simply press ‘Q’ to drop the crab over the campfire to cook it. If you check your health, hydration and hunger meter you can see when the appropriate time is to chow down. Store food for when you need it.

To make something drinkable just grab coconuts from the trees. Use the crude axe to crack it open and then use the axe again to turn it into a consumable coconut drink.

For more basic crafting gear to help you hunt, kill and survive, YouTuber ShoSho has a very quick video to rundown the materials you’ll need to make a lot of the basic weapons and building tools to help you out in your adventures in Stranded Deep. You can check out the four minute video below.

A lot of the basics of the game can be summed up by chopping down wood and gathering up stones.

The video above helps teach players how to make advanced campfires, a fire pit, a small shelter, and a raft, to name a few.

Building a raft, for instance, only requires eight sticks. Craft the sticks together and place the structure in the water to turn it from a support structure into a floating raft.

To make a motorized raft you’ll need a propeller, an engine tank, a stick, duct tape, and an engine pump.

Also, using the shark as a render marker for the island is both crude and novel. I imagine Beam Team Games will eventually fix that minor bit up in future updates.

You can grab a digital copy of the Early Access rendition of Stranded Deep right now from the Steam Store or learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

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