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GTA 5 Online Heist: Pacific Standard Job Walkthrough

There’s a new walkthrough available for the Pacific Standard Job from the GTA V Online Heist mode for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. The walkthrough covers each setup phase as well as how to accomplish those phases while achieving the Elite Challenges so you can attain the Criminal Mastermind bonus.

The video walkthrough comes courtesy of GTA Series Videos, where they offer a breezy look at how to complete the heist within the confines of an hour. You can check out the full video below.

The Pacific Standard bank job has five setup parts that must be completed in consecutive sequence before getting to the main heist. The first part requires photographing and stealing a Pacific Standard Post Op van. There are four vans making rounds in the city. You have to locate the vans and take a photograph of the plate. The vans, as indicated in the video, have a yellow and gold livery.

As the video showcases, it’s best to get around on motorcycles because they’re fast and nimble on the road, so you can weave and traverse the streets easily enough to catch up to the vans while the passenger on the back can take a snapshot of the van’s license plate.

GTA 5 Online Heist

The next step is getting the transponder from the van to the signal expert, Avi Schwartzman. This is part two of five in the setup phase of the heist.

You’ll need to grab some jet skis and head out to an island where Avi is holed up while attempting to hide from Government agents. You’ll find the Seashark jet skis down on the beach and ride to the small island where you’ll have to fight some cops and protect Avi.

There’s plenty of cover for solid shootouts, so use it well. If you have a rocket launcher be sure to use it to take out the helicopters.

Get Avi to the drop-off point. If you find that he gets stuck in the boat and won’t get out, go over to the boat and move into him until he moves out of the boat, and then get into the vehicle that you want him to get in as well and he should follow you. Get him to the drop-off and you’re good to go.

GTA 5 Online Heist

After completing the second part in the setup phase, you’ll be able to choose between the next three phases as you see fit. This includes getting a rival heist crew’s van, hijacking a convoy, and getting “really” fast bikes.

The hacking mission requires grabbing a van first and swapping the white van with a black van from another heist crew. It’s kind of a confusing mission – the main objective, anyway – but so long as you follow the on-screen mission instructions it shouldn’t be too hard. Just kill the rival heist crew in the alley and then take the black van and lead the rival crew away from the alleyway with a good old fashioned Hollywood-style vehicular shootout and chase. The person in the white van will just have to drive it back to Paige with the hacking equipment in the back.

GTA 5 Online Heist

The next step in the setup is hijacking a Pacific Standard convoy. This requires going to the designated target area and setting up an ambush on the convoy. A large portion of this mission is just driving to the convoy ambush site.

One of the things they did in the video is canvass the road with landmines. It’s a sensible thing to do instantly put a halt to the convoy right there in their tracks. A good method of ambushing is having two people up high shoot down on the convoy while two other attack the convoy from below. Once you wipe out the bodyguards, grab the truck and drive it to the drop-off. To avoid the truck taking too much damage, have a group commandeer one of the military vehicles with a turret gun and clear out the road ahead where the roadblocks are setup.


The fourth phase in the heist setup includes stealing bikes. You have to commandeer four “state of the art” sports bikes from a Lost M.C., clubhouse in East Los Santos. This is probably the easiest setup phase of the entire heist. It’s terribly easy and just requires you to drive to their clubhouse, steal the bikes and drive them to an alley. If that sounds easy that’s because it is.

The final part of the Pacific Standard Job is the actual heist. It’s just like Payday 2; you’ll have to head to the Pacific Standard Bank on Vinewood Blvd., control the crowd, crack the vault and make a daring getaway on the prototype bikes.

You first have to crowd control while two members head down and use the thermal charges from the convoy mission to blow the door. Use the card to hack into the system and access the second vault door and then use what time you have to gather as much cash as possible.


As pointed out in the video, if you want to complete the special Elite Challenge bonus, you’ll need to not kill any of the hostages, otherwise NOOSE will show up and forfeit your chance to complete the Elite Challenge. Have someone constantly shoot at the floor and ceiling to keep the crowd under control — it’s not as sophisticated as the crowd control in Payday 2, but it gets the job done. And yes, it’s okay to kill the guards but not civilians.

Once you follow the checkpoint instructions, blast your way into the vault and get to the money, you can press ‘X’ as fast as you can to grab up as much money as you can. If you didn’t trip any alarms or attract any cops, you should have enough time to take all of the money on the trays.

According to, they mention that…

“The demolition man and the hacker will lose money if they take damage or of they crash with a vehicle, so be careful and if possible let the crowd control team take all the risk.”

One way to deal with this is to have the crowd control team take point to avoid the hacker and demolition person from being too exposed. Since you have to get through the alleyways that are full of cops, you’ll want to clear them out with explosives if you have any and that will make it a heck of a lot easier to get to the prototype bikes. Take the bikes to the getaway boat.

However, as pointed out in the video, if you really want to shake things up, you can follow the video’s advice from around the 57:30 mark where they’ll explain how to get a hold of a rare police Maverick helicopter that you can use to make the getaway and score some challenge points in the process. If you’re going for the Elite Challenge time bonus then it’s safe to follow the methods used in the video to complete the task. If you’re just trying to get to the end in one piece, keep with the bikes and head to the getaway boat.

That’s it… you’re done. You’ve just completed the Pacific Standard Job for GTA V’s Online Heist mode.

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