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1414480cookie-checkThe Talos Principle Gets Serious Sam Voice Pack DLC

The Talos Principle Gets Serious Sam Voice Pack DLC

Croteam has released a DLC voice-over pack for The Talos Principle containing a model file of Serious Sam as the player-character, and the voice work of actor John J. Dick, the man who audibly brings Serious Sam to life. You can download the voice-pack and character DLC for free up until April 7th, 2015.

Blues picked up the news from over on the Steam community page where it was revealed that the new DLC has launched for the community, and that it will be free for a limited time. As noted on the community page…

“The new Serious Sam Voice Pack DLC replaces the godlike voice of Elohim with that of Serious Sam as voiced by longtime voice actor John J. Dick and includes a new Serious Sam player model for use in The Talos Principle.”

Not only is the DLC free up until April 7th, but there’s also a content-wide sale on DLC and the main game of The Talos Principle.

You can get your hands on the game for 50% off the original price, bringing it down to only $19.99. However, the deal is only good for the weekend. After that it’s back to the regular $39.99 price tag.

For those of you completely out of the loop, The Talos Principle is a true philosophical, mechanical puzzle game. It’s in first person but it’s not a shooter. It’s also a clever look into the concepts of humanity, following instructions, the god-like complex and subservience. It’s not all high-brow mumbo-jumbo, though. A large portion of the game is based on moving objects around and solving basic object-oriented logic puzzles. The game has received some rave reviews across the board and is greatly loved by the gaming audience.

What’s more is that the added Steam Workshop support helps branch out and expand the game’s replay values beyond the initial play-scope offered by Croteam.

And yes, publishers, it is possible to give out free DLC, premium DLC and offer Steam Workshop support for your game. Croteam, Trendy Entertainment and Valve are just a few amongst many who have proven that all models can coexist in a utopian, monetary paradise.

You can grab the DLC for The Talos Principle by paying a visit to the official Steam store page.

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