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Dragon Quest XI Being Considered For Nintendo NX

All the big news today circulating around a recent Square Enix live-stream was on their very minor slip-of-the-tongue centering on the release of Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI being considered for release on the Nintendo NX, Nintendo’s mystery game system.

RPG Site has a very detailed rundown of the information from the live-stream, explaining how Dragon Quest XI is in development for the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS. The PS4 version will run on the Unreal Engine 4 (bypassing the Luminous Engine) and the Nintendo 3DS version will be scaled down to run on Nintendo’s aging but popular handheld.

According to RPG Site, the game will be co-developed by Orca on the PS4 and the 3DS version will use a mix of sprites and 3D, similar to previous titles in the series. You can see the game in play with the video below.

The real news was the announcement about the Nintendo NX. A lot of gamers recognize that the Wii U has largely been ignored by Square Enix so it was a shock that they would say that the upcoming RPGs would be released on Nintendo’s mystery system. IGN wasn’t entirely satisfied with this turn of events and decided to reach out. Square sent over a basic response indicating that Dragon Quest is under consideration for release on the NX…

“It is under consideration, but we don’t have further information to share at the moment,”

I wonder if the execs at Nintendo are fuming about Square’s slip-up?

I also wonder if people actually know what the NX is? There are a lot of assumptions that it’s going to be a system designed to compete with the Xbox One and PS4, but what if it’s a system designed to compete with mobile phones and portable smart devices?

We have no guarantees about what the NX is or how it’ll function, heck we don’t even know if it’s actually a console. It could be a new networking service for all we know. Nevertheless, Square is already considering the NX as a viable platform for both Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI.

This doesn’t really bring us any closer to understanding Nintendo’s NX but it does let us know that at least some third-party support will be willing to support the device… whatever it is.

Nintendo plans on officially unveiling the NX in 2016.

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