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Doom Video Explains How Glory Kills Work

Bethesda released a new video for Doom featuring the team at id Software explaining how the Glory Kills feature works in the upcoming reboot of the fast-paced first-person shooter. During a sitdown at E3 with some key team members from id Software, the Glory Kills are explained and how they work and when they can be utilized.

Gameranx spotted the new video from over on Bethesda’s YouTube channel. You can check out the video below.

So basically, gamers can wound an enemy and then run up and finishing them when they start glowing. Depending on which body part you look at determines what kind of kill move is executed. Looking at an enemy’s face, arm or leg will prompt Doom Guy to attack that body part and proceed to execute a Glory Kill on the monster.

It’s explained in the brief video above that sometimes these Glory Kills can be used to setup choreographed kills – enabling players to enact a number of these kills in quick succession as part of a combo or to quickly clear a room.

There were some complaints about the Glory Kills potentially giving the player the presence of being overpowered, and that by over-using the ability would render the monsters weak and as far less of a threat.

However, if players can still take damage during Glory Kills it basically means they become tactical maneuvers as opposed to just relying on them to “look cool”. The Glory Kills also allow players to earn additional ammo or item drops from enemies. This is essential for restocking supplies. If this feature is balanced out well with challenging foes and stages that warrant skill and quick thinking over mindless run and gun gameplay, then this game could turn out to be even better than it already looks.

For now, however, Bethesda is focused on promoting Fallout 4 so we likely won’t get to see more of Doom until it draws closer to release in 2016 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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