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Fallout 4: How To Get The X-01 Power Armor In 35 Court

In this Fallout 4 guide, wastelanders will learn how to get the best power armor, commonly referred to as the X-01 Power Armor in Fallout 4. Getting to the 35 Court building isn’t so hard, but the enemies in it will prove to be difficult.

Known as the best power armor in the game, the X-01 will be located in the 35 Court building. To reach this location you will have to go north of the Shamrock Taphouse, which will lead you to the Custom House Tower. Something worth noting, according to Outside the Box, you will need to be level 28 or higher to get the best version of the power armor. If you go in at a lower level than 28, the X-01 Power Armor won’t be at its highest level.

Once you make it inside the 35 Court building, head to the left where there should be an elevator. Take that lift up until you make it to a hallway where you will need to keep going up. Once you make it to an open dilapidated room, you should hear an alarm go off that will trigger two doors to open.

When you make it to this room you will have to face some pretty tough enemies, which has a chance of spawning legendary enemies. Usually when encountering enemies in this room, you should have to face off against Assaultrons to the left and a Sentry Bot to the right.

Once you are done defeating both bots, you will need to flip two switches that are inside the rooms of where the last two bots assaulted you. This should open up a door in the center with the X-01 Power Armor. For those interested in seeing how this is done, you can check out Outside the Box‘s video.

Lastly, you should take some really good weapons and items with you if you plan on getting the X-01 Power Armor. Fighting both bots can prove to be very difficult if you don’t have the correct mods on your weapons, or if you don’t have another type of power armor to face them.

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