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1410600cookie-checkFallout 4 Glitch Allows For Infinite Wires For Any Settlement

Fallout 4 Glitch Allows For Infinite Wires For Any Settlement

Anybody can do this new wire glitch on PC, Xbox One or PS4 when building a settlement in Fallout 4. The latest glitch regarding a settlement and building/linking wires to wherever you want them to be can finally be done, and without using various power circuits passing through to the object you want.

The latest glitch tutorial by Outside The Box involves wires and extending them as far as you want without any limitations. Although there will be a few steps to get this glitch to work, the best part about this infinite wire glitch is that you don’t have to leave your settlement to make it work or get extra materials to do so.

First you will need to put down a generator and then after that a power conduit to transfer the power source by connecting a wire to the generator and conduit. This is where you will place any item as far as you want, or even behind objects. Then you will need to go back to the generator and hover over the wire and it should light up green, and also make sure that behind your item on your cursor is the generator, from here you will need to hit Triangle for PS4 or Y for Xbox One, and this will create a wire to the item that is out of reach or behind something.

Now, I know this may be a bit confusing for those seeking to do this for the first time, but if the description above is a bit confusing, you can watch Outside The Box perform the glitch below.

This glitch will be good for those that like to build things out of their generator’s reach, which typically leads to items being behind buildings or objects, or items that are out of reach. Like always, PC users will find this to be another glitch that console commands will blow out of the water, but it’s still good to know a few glitches than not to know. Also, Xbox One and PS4 owners will likely love this little glitch.

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