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ARK Survival Evolved: How To Tame Dung Beetle And Dimetrodon

Ark Survival Evolved has witnessed two new types of species added to its realm with the additions of the new Dung Beetle and Dimetrodon. These two new creatures added in Studio Wildcard’s survival game can also be tamed by players.

Currently available for PC and Xbox One, Ark Survival has gained a new update, which brings the waste loving Dung Beetle and the deadly Dimetrodon. The protective four limb dino can aid you in several situations, especially those calling on defense or offense operations, while the excrement-eating Dung Beetle can help you in ways that some wouldn’t imagine.

Most players like the structure and design of the stalwart looking Dimetrodon, which if you want to feed it players will find that it likes to eat meat. Some special perks that will come in handy is its large sail on its back for helping with extreme weather elements that help players become more resistant to it than before. If you want to find the Dimetrodon, you can find it near the swamplands eating small prey.

Looking over to the giant-sized waste eating bug, commonly known as the Dung Beetle, it does exactly what its name implies, rolling up dung that can be used to fertilize crops or make power generators with its burnable oil.

With both of the new creatures summed up, you can watch their introduction trailer as seen below.

After seeing the two creatures in the introduction video, there are some videos on how to tame the Dung Beetle and the Dimetrodon. The first and second video on taming the two  in ARK: Survival Evolved comes from FistyCuff Gaming, which shows the process of getting a Dung Beetle and where to find them.

The last video shows how to tame the “Air Conditioning” Dimetrodon. If you want, you can skip forward to 3:50 to see how to tame the dino, or you can watch it from beginning to end to get a better scope on how to tame one.

Lastly, the latest update (Ark 232) brings in craftable beer kegs with status enhancing effects. And yes, you can get drunk and suffer from hangovers from the beer. But, I’m sure the air conditioning Dimetrodon can help with that. If you want to jump in on Ark: Survival Evolved on PC, you can get it on Steam for $29.99.

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