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22 January 2016

Blade And Soul Beginner Crafting And Gathering Guide

Blade & Soul is now available officially in North America. NCSoft’s free-to-play MMORPG has been out in other regions for half a decade and it’s now found its way to the West. For gamers who need help understanding the crafting and gathering professions, there’s a really detailed guide teaching you how to craft and how to gather in Blade & Soul.

YouTuber Magnus Linden put together a half-hour long video featuring a detailed look at each every crafting and gathering guild. You can check out the video below.

The crafting and gathering in Blade & Soul kicks into play after you hit level 15 when you visit Pondskip Vale. You can only have four professions at any given time, including two crafting and two gathering.

The setup for the crafting and gathering is kind of lazy because there are no mini-games or QTEs like in Black Desert Online, Allods Online, Vanguard, Runescape or World of Warcraft. Instead, for both gathering and crafting professions you’ll simply scroll through the list for what you want to craft or gather, acquire the ingredients and then place an order for the item in a recipe menu. All you have to do is ensure that you have the proper money and items available to place the order.

The item(s) will be delivered to you after the time for the order is complete. The order times will vary to the item grade, so some may take a few minutes, others may take a few hours, some may take days.

Blade & Soul

You can also set “Order Deadline Warnings” in the options menu to notify you when the orders are near complete. The ordering setup is described in the video as a Facebook game. You don’t have to wait around while things are being ordered, though. You can go do other stuff while you wait for your items to be delivered.

As for the professions themselves… if you join the Earthseers you’ll be able to craft things like the Escape Charms, Resealing Charms, Revival Charms, Polished Shells, Revival Charms and Special Charms.

Herbside Service is a gathering guild for flowers and herbs. They have two categories in the gathering section of Herside, including Medicinals and Flowers. You still have to order the items just like the Earthseers.

Silver Cauldron is a crafting guild that makes tonics and antidotes. It’s noted that it’s a good profession for making healing items that can be sold for money. The Silver Cauldron makes Healing Tonics, Extracts, Antidotes and Healing Tonic Chests. The Silver Cauldron is good for building potions if you need to keep yourself restored with healing supplies.

The Tree Fellers is a wood crafting guild. They only offer Wood and Sap as the supply categories.

Acquired Taste is a cooking and food crafting guild, they have categories such as Seasoned Meats, Food, Specials, Revitalizers, and Food Chests. The food helps restore HP or keep HP restored. It’s mentioned that the cooking profession is great for using supplies to buff up before a boss battle or dungeon raid.

BLade & Soul Crafting

Green Thumbs is a crops and farming guild. They specialize in soil and crops.

Trapper’s Alliance is a gathering profession centered on gathering meat and bones from animals.

Prospector’s Union is a mining guild, focused on gathering ore and minerals… specifically standard ore and rare ore.

The Forestkeepers guild is a weapon crafting and repair tool guild. They focus on building swords, axes, gauntlets, staffs and enchanted daggers. According to Linden, all the weapons in the Forestkeepers are not worth crafting. He does note that the repair tools are better to craft for repair purposes. He notes that repair tools are extremely good for making short profits and for keeping gear in tip-top shape.

The Stonecutters guild is another gathering profession centered on collecting common and rare stones. They have ties with the Forestkeepers for crafting weapons and tools, as well as the Radiant Ring for making jewelry and trinkets.

The Radiant Ring is a crafting guild focused on the profession of making rings, gems, earrings, and keys. Linden notes that the only noteworthy thing from the Radiant Ring for early, mid and late game crafting is the gems. However, he states that while some gems may be useful you will have to deal with the RNG when it comes to crafting them. Some will be good and others may be useless.

Merry Potters is a gathering and crafting guild. They make jars, pickaxes, bowls, special items, and refiners. Linden explains that pickaxes can only be used once per node and that some of the higher level pickaxes can take up to 12 hours to order.

And then there is the Fish Network. It’s a gathering guild… obviously. The fishing profession dabbles in fish oil and shells. As mentioned in the video, there is no fishing mini-game like Black Desert Online. Just like the other craft professions you simply order the item once you have the necessary ingredients and you get the item once the time is up.

Last and not least is Soul Shield Artisans. They can make Soul Shield Sets, Soul Shield Primers and Transformation Stones. The most important element of this guild is that you can buff stats with the Soul Shield for different categories. You can also upgrade your accessories, items and weapons using the Transformation Stones. Crafting these stones will enable you to buff stats on your gear, and the higher the stone level the more you can upgrade higher tier equipment.

There’s also a list of all the gathering locations in the game for the various professions, as outlined by Linden. You can check them out below or visit Fatamorgan blog to learn more about the gathering locations for certain guilds.


Recipe locations:

Forgekeepers/Radiant Ring

  • Jadestone Village – Plague Hollow
  • Spirestone Canyons – Bokgon Hideout
  • Lycandi Foothills – Lycandi Den – Siren Equipment (can’t be crafted yet)
  • The Highland Necropolis – Skittering Tunnels – Pirate Equipment (can’t be crafted yet)

Soul Warden/Silver Cauldron/Acquired Taste

  • Jadestone Village – Plague Hollow
  • Spirestone Canyons – Bokgon Hideout
  • Lycandi Foothills – Lycandi Den


  • Lycandi Foothills – Lycandi Den

Merry Potters

  • Misty Woods – Brighstone Ruins

You can learn more about Blade & Soul Online or join in on the action by downloading the client, for free, by paying a visit to the game’s official website.

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