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How To Tame Kangaroos In ARK: Survival Evolved

The newest dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved is the Procoptodon… but most people just call it a kangaroo dinosaur. A lot of gamers are curious how to knockout, feed and tame the Procoptodon and there are a few guides available that teach you how to do so without driving yourself insane trying to chase one down.

Studio Wildcard’s New Year’s Eve update introduced the prehistoric kangaroo as a new mount that allows for two passengers to climb in and travel around. One person rides on top with a saddle while another person can ride in the Procoptodon’s pouch… and shoot. Yes, you can shoot from the pouch like a violent little kangaroo baby.

As for taming the marsupial dino, you’ll need to first knock it out either by punching it in the face — which is not a good idea because if it runs from you it’s very fast and you won’t be able to catch it — or using tranqs. The better option is to use a tranquilizer dart and knock it out from a distance. Knocking it out is the easy part, though, as evidenced by the video from PartiallyRoyal.

The hard part is taming the Procoptodon once it gets knocked out. You’ll need to fill its inventory with narcotics and rare mushrooms. It has a tendency of waking up rather quickly so you’ll need to stand near it and keep it drugged up to avoid it from waking up and running away. You’ll need about 50 Narcotics and 50 Rare Mushrooms.

The 250 level Procoptodon can carry up to 1,000 pounds and does about 300 melee damage.

To saddle it you’ll need quite a bit of material, as outlined in the video below by MeatyLock.

For those of you who don’t have time to watch, you’ll need 35 Ingram points to unlock the saddle for the Procoptodon, along with 500 hide, 150 pelt, 200 fiber and 70 metal ingots to craft the saddle.

Once you saddle it up you’re good to go.

Now it may take rare mushrooms to tame the kangaroo dino, but you don’t actually need to farm the mushrooms to keep it fed. It can actually survive on berries. So a healthy supply of berries will keep your kangaroo dino alive. And that’s how you tame a Procoptodon.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available right now on PC, and is currently in the Game Preview program for the XBox One. You can learn more by visiting the official website.

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