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Outlast 2 Screenshot Teases The Dangers Of The Occult

We haven’t heard much about Red Barrel’s Outlast 2. It seems to have only sputtered onto the scene and then quickly faded away just as fast. Well, after the announcement back in October of 2015, Red Barrels released a new screenshot of the game featuring an axe that looks like it’s been forged by a blacksmith who was voted the most dedicated member of the H.P. Lovecraft fan club.

All Games Beta spotted the new screenshot, which you can take a look at in its entirety below.

Outlast 2

There isn’t much to glean from the image other than that the Necronomicon probably has a real hard-on for that pickaxe.

Obviously the person carrying the axe appears to be young, perhaps around in their twenties based on the fact that there’s still elasticity on the skin despite the discoloration of the skin tone. The thinness of the wrist and obvious plume of the clothing gives the indication that it’s a female in a dress, obviously.

Whether or not the young female is undead is a whole other story. However, that’s unlikely given that if you look closely at the left hand folded at the end of the axe handle, you’ll notice that she has no visible grime or dirt on the fingernails. She was not resurrected nor is she undead or have had her hands in the dirt.

Based on the Victorian wrist cuffs, it appears as if she was either of gentry or stole the clothes from those in the upper class within the area. The clothes appear to show tearing and burned marks, but it’s tough to tell given how dark the image is. But alas, given how tattered the clothes are, it’s possible it was someone who may have been of moderate wealth who descended into madness.

Either way, the picture is very intriguing and leaves a lot of unanswered questions on the table more than anything. For instance, the pickaxe-wielding maiden appears to have her targets set on a man on a porch who doesn’t appear to be all too disturbed at her impending approach. I’m curious what the story is there? I guess we’ll find out as Outlast 2 draws closer to release.

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