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Far Cry Primal Ending Explained

So you made it to the end of Far Cry Primal but you haven’t had time to complete the game or you don’t feel like finishing it? Maybe you already completed it but you just didn’t get what happened? Well, the ending for Far Cry Primal is detailed in a couple of videos to help give gamers an idea of what they just went through.

So the general gist is that Takkar has to restore the prestige of the Wenja tribe who has been scattered amongst the lands of Oros. He proceeds to take over outposts and villages setup by the two main rival tribes, the Udam and the Izila.

After taking over enough outposts and rebuilding up the Wenja tribe high enough, Takkar is able to attack the main bases of the Izila and the Udam. First he travels to the far north and manages to take over the Udam’s outposts and eventually track down the cannibal leader, Ull, to his cave fortress.

After massacring the Udam tribe and destroying their settlements with fire, Takkar manages to trap Ull and readies to kill him. However, a crying baby distracts the cannibal leader and the bloody and beaten tribesman goes to check on the baby. He picks it up and sits down while cradling it, however he turns indignant and threatens to kill the baby as he dies. However, another Udam child appears and Ull changes his mind about killing the last of his tribe, instead handing the baby off to Takkar and asking him to protect the baby. Takkar takes the baby and the young child from the cave and returns to his village.

After getting back to the village Sayla asks for Ull’s ears but Takkar notes that he did not retrieve the ears of the cannibal leader. There’s a video showing each of the endings to the game, which you can check out below courtesy of GameFreakDudes.

From there, Takkar manages to travel south to defeat the leader of the Izila, Battari, and finds that the rest of the tribe are willing to join forces with the Wenja after they find out that the son goddess has been defeated.

Takkar then has to kill the Izila sisters, allies of the sun goddess, to avenge a fellow tribesman Dah. Takkar then kills Dah at his request, because he doesn’t want to die a slow death from sickness like the rest of the Udam.

Takkar heads back to the Wenja headquarters where he enjoys a life of peace and Wenja prosperity. Opposite of the last two Far Cry games, the ending here is pretty straightforward and the villains are as obvious as ever. It’s definitely a less complex setup than the more intriguing and story-rich universe surrounding Far Cry 4, or the very turbulent and violent criminal element found in Far Cry 3.

Nevertheless, some people like the prehistoric era setting, others didn’t care for the combat, some liked controlling the animals, and a few more enjoyed the scenery. Few say anything about the story because it was all pretty basic by-the-books when it came to an underdog growing strong and overthrowing the evil oppressors.

Far Cry Primal is available right now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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