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1416310cookie-checkRocket League Auto-Ban Implemented To Curb Matchmaking Cheaters

Rocket League Auto-Ban Implemented To Curb Matchmaking Cheaters

Psyonix has recently updated Rocket League on PC and PS4, with the most significant update being an automatic ban for people caught modifying files to bypass matchmaking restrictions.

Blues spotted the news over on the official Rocket League website, where they rolled out a very minimalistic set of updates and fixes for patch version 1.12.

The one thing that stands out the most in the update is the change in detecting cheaters. They categorized it under the brief tab “online” where it states…

“Implemented automatic ban system associated with players who delete content from their game files to avoid competitive matchmaking in certain arenas.”

Oh man, cheaters will do anything to get back into the game… just to cheat again. Those particular matchmaking exploits are being utilized by players attempting to avoid having to face other players in specific arenas, possibly to make use of more cheats or other map exploits.

You can see what a real cheater looks like using a hack with the video below.

Like that old saying goes: If you’re going to cheat like a swine, do it offline.

The rest of the patch notes cover bug fixes such as connection issues, text chat, and some issues with the max frame-rate slider. They’ve been continually refining the performance and playability over the past couple of months to make as perfect as possible.

This update comes along with the launch of the game on the Xbox One, which is available right now with the two special Xbox-specific vehicles, the Armadillo and the HogSticker. Some of the previously released DLC for the game will also be bundled into the digital launch on Microsoft’s system, including the DeLorean Time Machine car that was made available in celebration of the Back To The Future anniversary. There are some details on the Xbox One version made available on the Major Nelson website.

Rocket League is currently available right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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