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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mod Tools Are Coming Soon

We don’t know how soon, but the Black Ops 3 mod tools are definitely coming soon. How do we know? The director of development at Treyarch teased the release of the closed alpha test of the mod tools on Twitter recently, shortly after letting gamers know that a new patch had dropped for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on Steam.

Over on Twitter a basic tweet was made to give gamers the goose bumps of excitement and the thrill of anticipation as the wait nearly draws to an end for the official mod tools to be released.

What the heck is up with that dorkly face emoji at the end? That’s the kind of face jocks punched repeatdly in high school.

Anyway, earlier in the day a tweet was sent out to notify gamers that the PC patch had landed and there was a changelog available on the Steam update page.

So what did you get in the new update? Well, they fixed some exploits where you could utilize a free perk even when you switched classes, as well as fixed a bug where the combat axe couldn’t destroy the HC-XD.

There was also a rather nasty bug where a H.I.V.E. Gun would disconnect a player from a dedicated server. Another exploit that they addressed was being able to keep the Hardened Sentry active and mowing down opponents even while it was being carried. That’s the kind of exploit for which legendary K/D ratios are made.

A bunch of fixes were also resolved in various multiplayer maps, including a bunch of collision detection issues across Fringe, Gauntlet, Rise, Splash and Skyjacked.

Part two of the changelog addressed some modifications and balance tweaks to weapons, as well as some of the challenges being modified and a bunch of fixes to the theater mode.

They also made more changes to the zombie modes to balance a few things out and fix a few glitches here and there. Exploits were relatively far and few between, but the mode should play out a lot better for most players.

Fixes and bug squashes are nice but I think most people are ready to see some real juicy mods drop.

(Main image courtesy of Suicide Soldier)

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