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1410480cookie-checkHow To Farm Exotic Gear In The Dark Zone In Tom Clancy’s The Division

How To Farm Exotic Gear In The Dark Zone In Tom Clancy’s The Division

Finding good weapons and gear always feels great, but finding exotic gear in a game is even better. There’s actually a tip to farming some exotic weapons and gear in the Dark Zone on Tom Clancy’s The Division, and it even grants players Phoenix credits along the way.

Clarifying things from the start: no this is not a glitch or an exploit, but an area that allows you to find exotic weapons and Phoenix credits faster. Like any other game, RNG (or RNGesus) will be in control of the drop-rate like any other randomly dropped item/weapon, but this one particular area has a higher chance of dropping some good exotic gear.

You will need to get your character to level 30 before attempting this, and you will need to go to the Dark Zone. The first thing that you will want to do when doing this method is find any boss with “yellow” beside their name.

Looking over to YouTuber TritanArmy, he farms his exotic weapons over in the Dark Zone 02 (or DZ02). Like any other high-end boss in the Dark Zone, they will have names like Animal, or Boomerang, which is a clear indication that you are targeting a boss who will likely drop some good loot.

You can watch TritanArmy‘s method of farming exotic weapons and gear, while earning some Phoenix credits to purchase other exotic loot below.

The method shown in the video will grant you other gear and weapons like legendary stuff. The most important thing about running in the Dark Zone is that when you don’t get any exotic gear or loot, you will have a high chance of getting Phoenix credits. Afterwards you can head over to the vendors in a Safe House in the Dark Zone or in the Base of Operations and talk to the tech, and you will see on your left all sorts of exotic gear.

Lastly, there are probably a lot of places out there that drop some pretty good exotic loot, but high level Dark Zone bosses have a pretty high chance of dropping some good stuff, as well as Phoenix credits.

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