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8 March 2016

Stardew Valley How To Plant Seeds And Grow Crops

If you need a starter guide on how to get your bearings and how to get things up and going in Stardew Valley, there are some walkthrough guides and beginner tips and hints available for newbies so they can hit the farm hoeing. Chucklefish and ConcernedApe’s farming role-playing game has been receiving a lot of love and attention from gamers, but if you need some help getting your bearings, there are some starter guides available to help you out.

YouTuber PaulSoresJr posted up a half-hour long video detailing a lot of the basics of the gameplay, helping players iron out how to interact with other NPCs, how to plant crops, how to clean up the farm, how to purchase the proper seeds and what items to craft first to help out with growing the crops and maintaining a successful farm. You can check out the guide below.

The early goings of the game will see players having to deal with learning the ropes and getting acquainted with the farm life. One of the things that Paul does early on is turn the Autorun on in the options menu to make it a little easier with getting around town.

The basic gameplay is mostly outlined with some of the tutorials to get started. One of the things you want to do early on is actually check the television. Yes, check the television. Check the weather channel to find out what the next day will be like when it comes to the weather.

The first thing to do is to clear out the debris and weeds using the scythe to clean up the weeds and the pickaxe to break up the rocks. Use the axe to cut up the broken wood pieces on the ground.

Make a clearing first so you can make some room in order to plant some crops. You will lose energy as you perform tasks and clean up the farm and place down crops. You can replenish energy by eating fruits and vegetables as well as sleeping at the end of the day. If your energy hits zero your character will pass out.

Before getting too involved, be sure to get some wood so you can make a chest to store supplies. You’ll need about 50 wood to build a chest for item storage. You can get the wood by cutting down the trees nearby the farm.

In the character menu the video covers some of the game’s miscellaneous aspects, such as the characters you can meet in Stardew Valley. The characters in town will have question marks by their names until you meet them. Additionally you can increase your affinity with each character by interacting with them or you can give them up to two gifts a week to help increase affinity.

Stardew Valley

When you first plant the crops you first have to use the hoe to create a space for the crops. You can then plant the seeds after you use the hoe to setup the area. Use the water can to water the crops and you’ll have to repeat this each day until the crops grow big and tall. You’ll start with parsnip seeds and you can eventually purchase more the general store.

In the video Paul purchases cauliflower seeds because despite the fact that they take around 12 days to grow, they can be sold for 100% of the profit.

Bean starters also take 10 days to grow but you can keep harvesting them because they allow you to harvest them multiple times even after they grow out, as opposed to the cauliflower, which can only be reaped once after growing out.

You can purchase the seeds from the general store just to help expand your farm with some extra seeds so you can make some extra cash in the long run.

Stardew Valley is available right now over on the Steam store for only $14.99.

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