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1412950cookie-checkTree Of Savior Speed Grinding Spot Uncovered For Level 40 – 55

Tree Of Savior Speed Grinding Spot Uncovered For Level 40 – 55

There’s a spot in Tree of Savior for players between level 40 and 55 that allows them to level up pretty quickly by gaining some fairly fast experience points. It’s completely possible that IMC might catch it and fix it at some point but for now you can try your hand at speed grinding or speed leveling at a particular spot in a particular dungeon.

YouTuber Tree of Savior Guides has a series of useful guides available for the newly released MMORPG (which unlocks for founders on March 29th and everyone else on April 27th), showcasing where you can go to get some fast EXP. You can check out the video below.

So first up, head to the map Tenet Chapel and once you go inside the chapel head to the second floor and proceed to make your way to the Malda Altar.

While in the Tenet Chapel you’re not going to want to complete your quests so that you can continue to make the most out of everything that comes out of that altar. If you need to repair your gear and restock on pots for health and mana, you can easily head back into town and gather your supplies and use the “Backspace” warp to get right back into the action, assuming it doesn’t bug out on you.

The video suggests to use a weapon like “Strike” to deal bonus damage to the NPC mobs and wipe them out quicker so you can gather EXP as fast as possible and blast up from level 40 to 56 in no time flat.

It’s a pretty quick method for leveling and anyone who is already getting close to or near level 40 will likely want to take that opportunity to gain some extra levels on the fly by using this cheap but useful method to gain a few extra levels.

You can learn more about the hand-painted, spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online by heading on over to the Steam store page or by visiting the Tree of Savior official website.

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