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15 March 2016

Where To Find The Boat Key In Hitman’s Paris Mission

The 2016 reboot of Hitman has had its first episode released so far. The main level is the Paris mission and there’s a ton of different ways to infiltrate and exfiltrate the mission. One of the ways of getting out of the area is by using a boat, but a lot of people have trouble finding the boat key. Well, one helpful guide shows you exactly where to get the boat key.

YouTuber FilmsByChrisCarter does a 15 minute walkthrough of how to kill both targets in the Paris Showstopper mission and where to find the key so you can escape with the boat that’s floating down by the docks. Check it out below.

As you can see he dresses as one of the staff, waits for Viktor Novikov to walk under the chandelier and then unravels the reel so it smashes him from above.

Continue through the mansion on the upper floor just overlooking the fashion runway, and head into the office where there are planning boards and books lying around. There’s an open window with a telescope pointing outwards. There should be a desk at the far end of the room facing away from the window with a statue, some books, a lamp, and a laptop on it. If you go over to the desk you’ll see that the speedboat key is there on the desk. Grab it.

You can proceed through the adjacent rooms and knock out the waiter and put him into the cabinet in the room with the piano. Head through the hallway until you get into a large room where one of the guest of honors are residing… he’s in a turban and a white suit. You can wait for him to go out onto the balcony, throw a coin to distract the guard watching him and then subdue him and take his clothes. This will grant you access to restricted areas with ease.

You can then proceed to blend in with the auction of secrets and wait for Dalia Margolis to appear. You can shoot down the chandelier to kill her. Take out the guard on the balcony and then scale down the mansion and head to the docks where the boat is located. From there you can use the speedboat key you found in the office to escape.

The first episode of the 2016 reboot of Hitman is available right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. However, on the PC version you’ll have to deal with always-on DRM… so keep that in mind if you were planning on getting it from Steam.

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