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Dark Souls 3 Videos Cover How To Get The Secret Endings

With Dark Souls III now out and available for home consoles and PC, some gamers are going through and finding all of the secret endings, as well as the hidden alternative quest lines scattered throughout the game. There are a few ways to uncover these endings and some YouTubers offer some help in uncovering the multiple endings.

The first video collage features the four major endings in the game, as well as how to uncover two of them. You can check out the Dark Souls III video below from YouTuber Shirrako.

The Usurpation of Fire ending is labeled as the “best” and “true” ending, seemingly showing the player-character becoming a lord amongst the dark souls.

The other ending reveals the Fire Keeper gaining “eyes” to see the world beyond, done at the behest of the player. The Fire Keeper eventually grabs hold of a small ember after the Lord of Cinder is defeated, but the player-character can choose to betray the Fire Keeper (as it was foretold) and seeks to become the new Lord of Cinder. If the player chooses not to betray the Fire Keeper then the final ember burns in the hand of the Fire Keeper.

The endings are mostly subtle and change based on the decisions of the player throughout their playthrough.

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Duck360Gaming2 offers some sound advice for those looking to get all the achievements or the platinum trophy, writing in the comment section of his video…

“ Make a backup savefile before you stab the boy/girl so you don’t miss the original ending trophy, the 3rd ending has to happen because when you stab you will get a spell which is required for the trophy so you will need the 3rd ending as your default, second ending can be done no matter what but make a backup savefile again before you go in the final boss.”

You can see some of the endings that Duck360Gaming2 has featured in his video, rocking some really awesome armor.

I imagine a lot of gamers are still blasting through the game as they uncover and scour through every nook and cranny that From Software jam packed into the third Dark Souls outing.

If you want to complete the Usurpation of Fire ending with the help of Yoel, you’ll first have to recruit Yoel after defeating Vordt. Head to the pilgrim Yoel who is amongst many other pilgrims. You can recruit Yoel to aid you in your journey. There’s a multi-step process that’s rolled out by YouTuber HarryNinentyFour. Check it out below.

Harry also notes that players should not cure their Dark Sigil, writing…

“For when you go for this ending, DO NOT cure your Dark Sigil or do anything with Purging Stones. You are gonna look like beef jerky the whole game (hollow form) but just cover it up with some armor and you’ll be all good and never notice it”

Anyway, after recruiting Yoel, you’ll need to level up with him five times. Be sure to level up those five times before you fight the Abyss Watchers; do this until Yoel dies.

Talk to Yuria after Yoel dies, following leveling up five times. You’ll find her in the tunnels where Yoel was.

Proceed to locate Anri at the Road of Sacrifices and Halfway Fortress. Anri and Horace are seeking out the Lord of Cinder. Later on you’ll need to head to the Firelink Shrine where you’ll find Anri once again after defeating the Deacons of the Deep. Anri will talk about their next destination and where they’re going next

You’ll find Anri again after defeating the Abyss Watchers in the Catacombs of Carthus. He’s deep within the catacombs, beyond the bridge and through the lower layers. Anri will be on the lookout for his friend Horace after they become separated within the catacombs.

You’ll find Anri once again in the catacombs near the wooden bridge. After talking to him you’ll need to go kill Horace located near the Demon Ruins. You’ll find Horace through the tunnel past a fire demon, down through the catacombs. He’s in an area with shallow water. Return to Anri to explain where Horace is.

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Talk to Anri once again after reaching the bonfire at the Church of Yorshka in Boreal Valley.

Head to Yuria following the defeat of Pontiff Sulyvahn. She’s still located within a corridor where you found her before. She’ll explain that Anri is “hollow” and that Anri must be married for the player-character to become a true lord.

You’ll then have to get married to Anri down in the Darkmoon Tomb by piercing the body with a sharpened relic. Return to Yuria, who claims that the player is now a true Lord, and that the player needs to “wrest” the flame from the mantle.

You’ll need to interact with the bonfire at the end of the game after defeating the Soul of Cinder to become the new Lord of Cinder. As Yuria mentioned earlier, the inhabits will bow to your character as their new Lord.

You can pick up a digital or physical copy of Dark Souls III right now for the PS4, Xbox One or PC.

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