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Enter The Gungeon Basic Gameplay Guide

Dodge Roll’s Enter The Gungeon has managed to become a huge hit. Devolver Digital really knows how to pick ’em. Well, the game has its own unique style and gameplay, despite being a dungeon-crawling, rogue-like action-RPG. For players who are unfamiliar with Enter The Gungeon and need just a bit of help in getting started, this basic gameplay guide will help put you on your way, teaching you how to dodge effectively, flip over tables and how to clear out a room without becoming a bullet sponge.

YouTuber MathasGames has a series of videos available in a multi-part playlist that covers many of the game’s basic gameplay mechanics, the controls, the weapon loadouts and how to make use of special items and abilities. You can check out the video series below.

So basically, the health bar is at the top left hand corner of the screen, along with blanks, your keys and your currency. The gold bullets next to the key is your currency.

Use blanks to clear the room of enemy bullets, it works well when there’s a room where it turns into a bullet hell scenario and some enemies will incessantly shoot at you without a break.

You start with two weapons but as you progress you can unlock more to add to your arsenal. Your main default gun usually has infinite ammo, while the more powerful, unique or new weapons will have ammo capacity limits.

Green teleports can be unlocked to work as fast travel. You can only unlock the green teleportation pads after the room has been cleared. So you can’t just run in and expect to activate it without clearing the room first.

One of the key, essential things to make use of is the right-click. Right-clicking the mouse allows you to dodge. Dodging will give you temporary invincibility during rolling frames. Also, don’t be afraid to use blanks to compensate for the roll if you come out and still find yourself facing off against a hailstorm of bullets.

Additionally You can flip tables and furniture to use as cover when in a tight spot.
Red targeting markers will appear from time to time, indicating where enemies will spawn into the room.

You can use the keys you acquire throughout your run to unlock chests. Alternatively, you can buy keys from the shopkeepers to unlock the chests located on the various floors.

If you hold down CTRL while selecting your gun, time slows down briefly. You can use this as an advantage to see incoming bullets and plan your next attack, not unlike Superhot. It’s best to use it strategically to switch to weapons where you can pick off an opponent while planning out a way to dodge incoming enemy fire. If all the tips above not working with your progress, we also provide you with Enter the Gungeon cheats that come with God Mode and Easy kills.

You can pick up a digital copy of Enter The Gungeon from the Steam store or the PlayStation Store for $14.99. For more info on the game you can head on over to the official website.

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