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1410310cookie-checkHere’s How To Quickly Beat The Incursion Falcon Lost Boss In The Division

Here’s How To Quickly Beat The Incursion Falcon Lost Boss In The Division

Are you having trouble with the new Incursion mission with the Falcon Lost boss in The Division? If so, there is a new glitch in Tom Clancy’s The Division that let’s players quickly breeze through the APC boss without taking massive damage or facing any heavy opposition. This glitch currently works across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If you thought the boss was hard before in the Incursion mission, you’ll be surprised at how simple the APC can be taken down without using any type of deep strategy. The glitch also negates all enemy incoming fire and leaves you and your squad left unharmed when approaching the APC.

To make this glitch work you will need the Mobile Cover (extended or non-extended), the Medical Talent Triage and the Skill First Aid. After deploying and glitching the Mobile Cover outside of the window that lets you see the APC boss room, glitch through the wall to take cover behind it.

Once you are inside the room the enemies will still fire at the NPC allies as if you weren’t in the room. This allows you and your teammates to scurry to the rear side of the APC and plant bombs and explosives to damage it, while using your healing skills to replenish any damage.

YouTuber Daryus P has a full visual guide on how to beat the APC boss in his latest video, which shows every skill and items you need.

To sum everything up, use the Mobile Cover glitch to get through the wall so that the enemies won’t shift their attention to you. Second, head to the back with the APC and start healing your teammates or bombing the APC. Rinse and repeat until it is destroyed.

The Division is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The free Incursions update dropped on April 12th and adds quite a bit of new content and other features to the base game.

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