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How To Do Fallout 4’s Robot XP Glitch In Automatron DLC After Patch 1.4

The latest XP glitch in Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Automatron DLC on patch 1.4 calls for a companion, the robot Assaultron Torso and its materials, all of your inventory and My Junk emptied or stored in containers, which if done correct, you will get infinite XP. The new patch 1.4 XP glitch currently works on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Before starting off, make sure that you read this paragraph before attempting anything else. If you are having an issue where it says that you are lacking the requirements to make the Assaultron Torso mod, make sure you have legitimately created the “Assaultron Torso mod” before and have it in your inventory.

Another thing worth noting, make sure that your settlement is either clear of its inventory or all of your My Junk is stored away in a container, or that you are doing this in a new or empty settlement of yours with nothing in the Workbench.

First, go to your settlement with it either clear of content in the Workbench or at an empty settlement, and build a robot Workbench — if you haven’t already. Next, get a companion of your choice and have them near you while entering in the robot Workbench. Build a robot by selecting “New Automatron” and then leave the workshop.

Make your companion standing next to you get as close to you and the console of the robot Workbench so that when you see it say press Square for PS4 or X for Xbox One to talk, activate the Trade option. Once you are about to do so move away from them and press X or A on your robot Workbench before the trade menu appears. If you need to know how it will look, you can see the screenshot below.

fallout 4 xp glitch 2If done correctly your UI option Trade/My Inventory should look like the image above, if not then you are doing it wrong. If done right, head to the newly created robot, and you should be able to apply the “Assaultron Torso” mod to it. Keep pressing X or A over and over to make sure that you are getting all the XP from this glitch.

Once done and you leave the robot Workbench, you should notice that you are getting a bunch of XP. If that sounded too confusing, you can watch the ultimate Fallout 4 glitcher Demon Asylum‘s video that he posted below.

Author: Ethan

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