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1409170cookie-checkHow To Find All The Secrets In Hyper Light Drifter’s Southern Zone
12 April 2016

How To Find All The Secrets In Hyper Light Drifter’s Southern Zone

Just like any other zone in the game, the southern zone holds as many valuable items and secret locations as the east, west and north. This guide covers all of Hyper Light Drifter‘s hidden places and items in the south.

Back at it again, Tterraj42 shows folks in need of a visual guide every single secret and hidden location in Hyper Light Drifter’s southern zone. In total, the south holds one gun, two Equipment Sets, four keys, four Monoliths, eight Modules and 39 coins. You can check out Tterraj42‘s video below.

Like the other previous guides, the secret items will be listed in a Bulleted List with time stamps leading to that designated location/item.




Power Modules:

Key Doors:


Equipment Sets:


Locations and Areas:

Glitches and Upgrade Overview:

Final Tally:

And now every secret in the game from the beginning to the end of the southern zone of Hyper Light Drifter can now be accessed. It’s worth noting that some of the western zone secrets can be found in this guide, but nonetheless it all pertains to the southern zone.

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