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How To Find Secret Rooms And Hidden Items In Enter The Gungeon

With randomly generated rooms displayed each time players crawl into the chamber of Enter The Gungeon, many secrets are easy to miss. If you want to find all the secret locations and clues to valuable items in Devolver Digital and Dodge Roll’s game, this guide just might help you out in the bullet dungeon.

If players are finding secrets in Enter The Gungeon to be a bit tricky to uncover, there are a few ways to find hidden rooms and other secrets, even while the game presets randomly generated rooms to players.

Additionally, if players are having trouble with some of the mechanics or are new to the game, a new video be CodySCM will help players out. In addition, if you already know how to play and want to learn some of the secrets you can skip the video below.

The next video by CodySCM shows a quick 50 second video going over how to find cracks in walls to blow them up with Blanks to find hidden treasures inside of them. Just like in the Legend of Zelda games or like in Hyper Light Drifter, players will notice cracks on the wall which indicates that it’s weak.

You can also use the old-school outer rim puzzle method by buying a map or navigating around to find hidden rooms based on their spacious positioning in a room. With that said, if you are new to the game and want to find secrets, buy a map to help make traversing and finding secrets easier.

The next secret room pertains to the fire place switch, which YouTuber Indie Gamer News reveals. Although you don’t have to do exactly what he does, since there are different methods to open the fire place, you do need to extinguish the fire to open a room where you need to either lockpick or use two keys to get through. This will lead you to a special room that opens up to more secret locations that are pretty hard. You can see them below.

The next secret area is over an endless pit on the fourth floor in the Hollow room. You can use a character like the Hunter that has a pistol with infinite amount of ammo that drops shell casing. Use the spent round cases to highlight the path in front of you by shooting in the opposite direction. At the end, you will get the Planar Lead – Astral Slug. You can check this out below courtesy of Indie Gamer News.

More secrets obviously lie ahead in this game, which should be easier to find after watching the videos above. If all the tips above not working with your progress, we also provide you with Enter the Gungeon cheats that come with God Mode and Easy kills.

If you want to jump into the chamber of Enter The Gungeon, you can head on over to Steam and get the game for $13.99 during its special promotion, which originally runs for $14.99 on PC.

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