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20 April 2016

How To Find The Dragon Covenant And Transformation Items In Dark Souls 3

If you are looking for the hidden Dragon Covenant and Dragon Transformation items in Dark Souls III, this guide will help you on your journey. Along the way, folks will also encounter other rare and noteworthy items that also appear in the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Upon following the path to getting the Dragon Covenant and Transformation items you will come across the Dragon Head and Torso Stones for turning into a dragon, the Twinkling Dragon Head and Torso for unique dragon attacks, the full Havel armor set, Havel’s shield, as well as the Dragontooth Club.

There are other items along the path that lead to the hidden Dragon items, but you will see that in the video guide below. The first step in getting them is to go to the Consumed King’s Garden and fight Osiris. Something worth noting, you must defeat the Dancer in order to let the ladder down to go up into Lothrics castle.

You can check out all of the item locations and guided walkthrough for Dark Souls III in the video below that TerraMantis posted.

After following the path or shortcut to get to an elevator that leads downward, jump off before reaching the bottom floor. After beating Osiris and heading through a door that will lead you to a Drakeblood knight with an item, take the item from it. This item will teach you the path of the Dragon Pose. Additionally, this will help with finding all of the Dragon items and where you can find them.

From here, you will need to head back to the prison and find the crumble Dragon Disciple. Once there, sit next to the Dragon Disciple with the Dragon Pose, which will take a few seconds and will take you to the Archdragon Peak location.

This will take you to some bosses in which the last boss in the area can only be accessed after ringing the bell with a switch, but don’t do that just yet. You will want to go near the second bonfire and use the Dragon Pose to get the Calamity Ring.

This will also call for you to go near the last bonfire near the huge bell and be Kindled so that you can see the summoning sign for Hawkwood, and so that you can fight with him until you make it to the top of the summit. Once at the top, use the Dragon Pose to obtain the Twinkling Stone.

Furthermore, you will want to head up the ladder near the third bonfire. This is where you will face Havel and get his shield and the Dragon Tooth Hammer. Afterwards, you will want to ring the bell for the last boss. This will lead you to the Ornstein armor and a titanite slab after defeating the boss.

To get the last good stuff or hidden items around this area, go back to the Firelink Shrine and talk to Andre who will give you an item from Hawkwood. The description will tell you where to find and kill Hawkwood, which is at the Abyss Watcher boss fight location.

After beating him you will get the last piece of the dragon set — this includes the Head and the Torso of the Twinkling Stone. Lastly, those looking for Havel’s set, you will need to head to where you fought the stray demon. After climbing a really long ladder that will soon lead you to an elevator, head to the top where you should see a dead body wielding Havel’s full set of armor.

And that’s it to this guide. Now you will have access to the Dragon Head and Torso Stones for turning into a dragon, the Twinkling Dragon Head and Torso for special dragon attacks, the full Ornstein set, Havel’s armor and shield, as wall as the Dragontooth Club. Dark Souls III is out now, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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