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1410120cookie-checkThe Division Police Academy Glitch Grants More Loot After Patch

The Division Police Academy Glitch Grants More Loot After Patch

Those frustrated at the fact that the new patch fixed the Division’s Police Academy door glitch with the Mobile Cover cheat, will find that it’s active once more after the latest Incursions update. Not only are players reporting that you can get gold loot from the boss, but you can also do both the old method coupled with the new method to get inside the Police Academy quicker.

It’s been confirmed that the Police Academy’s door that was recently patched can now be glitched through as if it were still un-patched. To get through the door align yourself with the crack in the door, throw the Mobile Cover early so that when you smash up to the door you can take cover on it while it glitches through so that you can slip right in.

It’s not as easy as the previous version, but you will be able to do the previous method after you are done with the new version. Think of it as the new version paves the way back to the previous side-door slip through. With that said, if you don’t think that the glitch still works you can watch GamesGlitch get through the crack… below.

After making it inside the Police Academy and doing all of the stuff with the Gymnasium, wait for the door to open up and kill the enemies outside. After defeating Scarecrow and his minions, don’t restart the mission just yet. Go to the open door and throw the shield side-ways inside the Police Academy so that you can do it the old fashion way. Neliq has all of the above shown in his guide below.

The only way to do this glitch is to have the Mobile Cover unlocked. Furthermore, you don’t have to upgrade the shield to be extended, but you do need to throw it early before smashing into the crack of the door so that you can take cover on it when it glitches through.

The Division’s latest Incursion update is available right now. You can get a hold of the game for the Xbox One, PS4 or PC. It also appears as if the glitches for the game will continue to persist, even well after Ubisoft tries to stomp them out with each new patch and update.

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