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1417390cookie-checkThe Technomancer On Xbox One Only Runs At 900p And 30fps

The Technomancer On Xbox One Only Runs At 900p And 30fps

Spiders had to cut back on some of their spec targets for the eighth gen home consoles. More specifically they had to cut back on their spec targets for the Xbox One. The console version of The Technomancer has been downgraded from 1080p at 30fps to 900p at 30fps.

This has been a running theme throughout this gen for the Xbox One, as fanboys rallied around the promise of hidden abilities, secretly layered GPUs and the “power of the cloud”. None of the buzzwords mean anything when applied practically because chips and hardware don’t care about buzzwords.

WCCF Tech managed to get in word with Spiders CEO Jehanne Rousseau regarding the company’s upcoming cyberpunk, space adventure, The Technomancer. Rousseau revealed that previous targets for the console regarding resolution had to be adjusted, stating…

“We are in the final phase of optimizing The Technomancer, and improvements are still underway. We have had to make several decisions which have allowed us to maintain the richness of the game’s fluidity and environments. As such, we’ve decided to use a 900p resolution on Xbox One, which ensures a detailed and smooth experience.”

Technically, he should have just said “The Xbox One is too weak and was made from the broken dreams of a failed, corporate DRM machine”.

Nevertheless, PS4 owners will be able to experience The Technomancer at 1080p and 30fps. PC gamers will be able to rest easy playing the game at 4K and 120fps, assuming they have the hardware to do so.

Now if you’re still thinking that developers have some special hardware to unlock, think again. The 900p and 30fps target has arrived after Spiders unlocked usage of the seventh core of the Xbox One and PS4’s APU, with Rousseau stating…

“Regarding the 7th processor, this was a good addition to help us achieve our objectives. The gain is not huge on PS4 or Xbox One, but it was helpful for squeezing out a bit of extra power.”

So even with an extra bit of power at their disposal they still had to downgrade the game.

If this generation of console gaming wasn’t meant to be a joke, it sure is having a hard time proving that it isn’t.

This gen can’t end soon enough.

Anyway, The Technomancer is due for release this summer on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Obviously the better bet is to get the PS4 or PC version of the game.

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