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Tower Unite: Beginners Tips For Playing Mini Golf And Navigating The Plaza

Tower Unite is mainly used as an escape to play some virtual Mini Golf, and although it’s still in its Early Access phase, newcomers can learn some tips and tricks beyond the Mini Golf mode present in the game. There are some ways to master the Ball Race, the Virus mode and some basic tips for finding your way around the Tower Plaza.

For those who just started the Tower-based game that unites a large sum of people together, you can now learn the core basics of Tower Unite and its various mini-games. Below is a basic tutorial on how to navigate the plaza. Thanks to the developer PixelTail Games, you can see the basics below.

The next thing that newcomers or Mini Golf fans might want to learn is the core basics of the miniature golf game. You can control your ball by pointing your cursor, moving it closer/further away from the ball to increase/decrease power, and clicking to hit your ball in the appointed direction. Thanks to two helpful videos, folks will get to see the first (by PixelTail Games) showing some of the maps and how the gameplay works in the courses, while the second video by Zeeno Gamers shows actual gameplay in the Garden.

Those who want to stretch their inner Monkey Ball skills to another level will find that there are some pretty easy tips to speeding through most of the stages. The video mainly focuses on Paradise, but shows that timing, speed and trajectory will be the key to finishing quick and without failing. The skillful video comes in by YouTuber Snowi, as seen below.

The last video reminds me of a throwback to TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect’s Virus mode, where players infect the competition with a virus. The overall video shows four people playing (one of which drops out) and how the mode operates. For a quick rundown, one person out of the four will start as an infected and will have to spread the virus to others, while the remaining survivors will need to hold out until time runs out. You can check it out courtesy of UniversalFlea.

If you want to jump in and have some fun with friends, Tower Unite for PC is currently in Early Access on Steam, and runs for $14.99.

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