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Tree Of Savior Musketeer Build Guide

Tree of Savior has a lot of different character classes to choose from and a lot of different skills to master. In doing so, it can become rather tricky trying to find the perfect balance for your character and the right kind of skills to utilize during combat. Well, luckily there are some helpful guides out there to explain how to properly build up a class like the Musketeer.

The Musketeer in Tree of Savior is designed for long-range, high-damage output on single targets. It’s a very different kind of build to the Cannoner, who is more-so designed to take on mobs and utilize higher damage output with AOE attacks.

YouTuber Parsnip Games put together a very detailed Tree of Savior video guide, along with a Musketeer build on the Skill Simulator to give gamers a strong, boss-killing, PvP-dominating Musketeer. Check out the video below.

The main Rank 1 skills to level up as an Archer includes Swift Step, Multi-Shot and Full Draw. It’s explained in the video that Swift Step helps increase your mobility while Multi-Shot will be great for stacking damage.

It’s suggested that at Ranks 2 – 4 to go with Quarrel Shooter for the high blocking and shield against damage. It’s suggested to max out Scatter Caltrops and put only 4 points into Stone Picking, with one point doing in to Deploy Pavise. He suggests going 10 for 10 in Rapid Fire and 5 for 5 in Running Shot for clearing zones while on the move. He suggests only 9 out of 15 points to be invested into Stone Shot and only 1 point for teardown.

At Rank 5 players are encouraged to head back to the Archer for the Kneeling Shot – max it out at 5 for 5. The point is to utilize Kneeling Shot with Running Shot, so you get in good, fast damage while taking on multiple targets.

At Rank 6, Parsnip suggests going with the Falconer and max out most of the categories, including going 1 for 1 with Call, 1 for 1 with Roost, 5 for 5 with Circling for a boost in AOE damage output, and 5 for 5 with Hovering in order to maintain sustained damage. You’ll want to only put 2 out of 5 into Pheasant and 1 out of 5 into Hanging Shot.

At Rank 7, you’ll go with Musketeer… maxing out Headshot and Snipe. It’s suggested to put the remaining 4 points into Covering Fire and one into Penetration Shot. The first two skills are designed to increase the Musketeer’s effectiveness in PvP, in order to one-shot-kill opponents with ease.


As far as stats are concerned, it’s advised in the guide to go with a base of 50 Dexterity and then 2 points invested into Strength for every point you put into Dexterity. So this way you can dodge and block with the Dexterity stats, but you have a high amount of damage output thanks to Strength. It’s some very basic Archer/Ranger/Gunner style stats from other similar games like Allods, World of Warcraft or Fly For Fun.

The video guide does note that some players who are a little low on health may want to invest a few stats into Constitution for a slight boost in HP and defense, but it’s noted that the stats should be 80 for Strength, 90 for Dexterity and only 8 for Constitution.

You can see the full build guide for the Musketeer over on the Tree of Savior Base. The free-to-play MMORPG is available either through the official website or through the Steam store page.

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