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Tree Of Savior: Treasure Collection Location Guide For Klaipeda, Orsha

Gamers looking for a little bit of help finding the treasure collection sets in IMC Games’ spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online will find that there are some useful guides being posted up to help gamers find exactly what they need and where they need it. One of the latest Tree of Savior guides rolls out a list of the locations for the collection set for the Klaipeda and Orsha regions.

YouTuber KyrandisX has an impressive video and textual location list to help gamers along the way in the free-to-play MMORPG, Tree of Savior, to find all of the major collection sets. You can check out the 15 minute video below that guides you through to each location.

The guide reveals where to go to find each of the treasure sets. It’s a rather comprehensive guide compiled down to the barest of knowledge bases, so you only have to click the links below to zip and zoop to the video location to see exactly where the treasure collection is located.

1:58 West Siauliai Woods Lv1
2:11 East Siauliai Woods Lv6
2:26 Miner’s Village Lv12
2:51 Crystal Mine 1F Lv16
3:04 Crystal Mine 2F Lv20
3:15 Crystal Mine 3F Lv22
3:27 Srautas Gorge Lv26
3:42 Gele Plateau Lv29
4:06 Nefritas Cliff Lv32
4:17 Tenet Garden Lv35
4:26 Tenet Church B1 Lv40
4:40 Tenet Church 1F Lv44
4:55 Veja Ravine Lv46
5:17 Tenet Church 2F Lv48
5:28 Vieta Gorge Lv49
5:52 Cobalt Forest Lv52
6:06 Cobalt Forest (Monster Specimen) Lv52
6:31 Guards Graveyard Lv53
6:40 Septyni Glen Lv55
6:59 Gate Route Lv 58
7:08 Gateway of the Great King Lv58
7:26 Ramstis Ridge Lv61
7:47 Sirdgela Forest Lv61
8:09 Kvailas Forest Lv64
8:21 Overlong Bridge Valley Lv64
8:44 Akmens Ridge Lv67
8:58 Gytis Settlement Lv69
9:12 Tiltas Valley Lv69

9:27 ====ORSHA REGION====
9:37 Lemprasa Pond Lv1
9:49 Woods of the Linked Bridges Lv8
10:06 Paupys Crossing Lv12
10:21 Ashaq Underground Prison 1F Lv17
10:40 Ashaq Underground Prison 2F Lv21
10:56 Ashaq Underground Prison 3F Lv25
11:11 Koru Jungle Lv29
11:22 Knidos Jungle Lv32
11:32 Dadan Jungle Lv36
11:47 Nevellet Quarry 1F Lv42
12:01 Nevellet Quarry 2F Lv43
12:16 Novaha Assembly Hall Lv45
12:30 Novaha Annex Lv49
12:41 Novaha Institute Lv53
13:00 Karolis Springs Lv57
13:13 Letas Stream Lv61
13:24 Pelke Shrine Ruins Lv65
13:33 Absenta Reservoir Lv68
13:44 Sienakal Graveyard Lv70

14:12 Jumping like a Boss

KyrandisX reveals each of the treasure locations along with quickly showcasing where to get the treasure on the map. This gives you both a visual guide of where to look within the map, as well as a location within the area so you know where to travel to first before scavenging for the treasure.

I love how at the 4:30 mark it looks as if Kyrandis got punched by a level 70 boss in the face, dragged out of bed and was forced to record the video.

For many of the chests in the forested areas, you’ll find that the chests are oftentimes hidden behind trees or shrubs. You’ll sometimes find that there is a small mouse icon bundled up behind a tree or shrub where it will indicate that the chest is there.

Even chests in non-forested areas are oftentimes hidden, so you may have to scroll your mouse over pillars or statues, where the chests are hidden, like Akmens Ridge, where the chest is tucked away behind a rock formation.

In the Tiltas Valley location you’ll also find that the chest is squeezed right between some logs.

Near the 10 minute mark KyrandisX begins to highlight the treasure chest collections in the Orsha region.

Surprisingly, many of the Orsha chests start off in fairly conspicuous places. A few of them are still hidden in a few areas but for the most part you’ll find that the chests are usually out in the open. In some cases, like with Novaha Annex, the chest is conveniently hidden behind some foreground scenery, and it’s similar for the Letas Stream as well, where the chest is behind a tall pine tree.

The very last chest for level 70 is completely hidden behind a giant obstruction in the upper west region of the map in Sienakal Graveyard.

Tree of Savior is available right now on Steam, but the servers haven’t completely opened to everyone just yet. The game’s full servers won’t be available until April 28th. In the meantime you can learn more by hitting up the Steam store page or by visiting the official website.

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