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18 May 2016

Dead Effect 2 Now Available On PC; Arrives On Xbox One, PS4 In June

BadFly Interactive announced that their first-person shooter Dead Effect 2 has successfully launched on Steam for PC and that the home console rendition will be arriving sometime in June.

The first-person shooter sports non-stop action as players battle through a horde of zombies, monsters, and mutants, using a variety of space-age weaponry. To be an indie game Dead Effect 2 looks surprisingly polished.

There’s a single-player campaign with 20 different levels to conquer, a cooperative mode for up to four players, and a competitive deathmatch mode for up to eight players. You can see the game in action with the extremely impressive launch trailer below.

In addition to the single-player and the multiplayer modes, there’s also a special mode that features four different game types, including Biohazard, Survival, Infestation, and Lone Wolf.

The RPG elements also allow players to upgrade their weapons and dish out more damage with more than 100 different weapon upgrades. Gear items and implants also allow players to customize their character, sporting 300 different collectible items with which to outfit the protagonist.

The game has a very positive rating on Steam at the moment, but there are a few people who feel as if the leveling system isn’t as intuitive as it could be, and the hit-detection is slightly off. However, BadFly has been very quick to address potential bugs and shortcomings of Dead Effect 2, and every couple of days they put out a patch to hotfix any issues brought up. You can pick up a digital copy for $19.99. The game will be arriving on the Xbox One and PS4 during the very busy month of E3 this June.

The general gist of the gameplay reminds me a lot of Killing Floor, so if you’re into those sorts of games you can check out Dead Effect 2. To learn more either hit up the Steam store page or visit the official website.

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