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Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Endings Explained

There are a couple of different endings to Fallout 4‘s latest DLC called Far Harbor. For those curious how it all comes to a head there’s a few explanations on how those endings come together and how they affect the people on the small but volatile island.

This short guide will detail the Far Harbor DLC endings and explain some of the aftermath of the choices that the players can make.

In the first ending, DiMA – the leader of a group of synthetics living in a small refugee camp known as Acadia – tells the player to kill High Confessor Tektus… Hitman-style. High Confessor Tektus is the leader of a group known as the Children of Atom, a cult centered around adorning radiation. The group is becoming increasingly hostile to the other residents on the island, and DiMA and Captain Avery – the leader of a group of survivors in the town of Far Harbor – are wary of the Children of Atom’s intentions. Hence, DiMA has the solution of “replacing” High Confessor Tektus before they can launch their nuclear bomb.

Players must lure Tektus to a secluded location and kill him and then dispose of the body. DiMA decides to replace Tektus with a synth. The synth version of Tektus will persuade the rest of the Children of Atom to stand down and no longer pursue any paths of violence against the people living on the Far Harbor island.

DiMA uses a tape of Confessor Martin, another high ranking member of The Children of Atom, to trick High Confessor Tektus to lure him to the Command Center in order for him to be killed. The tape is designed to make it appear as if Confessor Martin is planning a coup against Tektus to take over the Children of Atom – a group whose ultimate goal is to launch a nuclear missile and die in the blast. Everyone on Far Harbor wants to prevent that from happening.

It’s possible to kill Tektus after luring him into the tunnels of the Command Center, but as showcased in the video below from Father, explaining to Tektus that you’re working for DiMA and that if he doesn’t leave the island for good then he’s dead, will actually convince him to leave without resulting in violence.

Furthermore, the new synth version of High Confessor Tektus ends up having a “vision” that Atom, their god, wants peace. This was a memory implanted into the synth by DiMA. The synth version of Tektus returns to Nucleus preaching their new ways of peace and reformation.

After peacefully resolving the matter between the Children of Atom and the rest of the inhabitants of Far Harbor, it’s possible to convince Kasumi to return to the Nakanos. Kasumi originally ran away from her parents after being convinced that she might be a synth. Her parents hire the player-character to go to the Far Harbor to retrieve her.

If the player successfully convinces Kasumi to return home to her parents after resolving the issues between DiMA and Far Harbor, and DiMA and the Children of Atom, Kasumi reveals that she’s actually a synth and has replaced the original Kasumi, who died years before. Hence, after going through her self-discovery phase and realizing that she’s a synth, Kasumi is willing to return home to her family because she feels they need a daughter; and even as a synth she can still fulfill that role.

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Alternatively, another ending includes the possibility if gettubg the key to the sub and launching the nuclear missile at the Children of Atom’s Nucleus, blowing it to smithereens. This leaves the people of Far Harbor a little conflicted on your methods for resolving issues, but some are fine with the fact that those within the radiation-loving cult are dead.

The other ending, typically considered as the “bad” ending, sees the player character confronting DiMA about information that reveals that he had originally killed the first leader of Far Harbor, Captain Avery, and replaced her with a synth. This was done to keep peace between Far Harbor and Acadia.

Players can either kill DiMA or have him face the consequences of Far Harbor by confronting them about what DiMA had done. In doing so, the people of Far Harbor are not at all pleased to find that DiMA had killed one of their own. This leads the Far Harbor group to become incensed, with Allen killing DiMA and convincing the others to wage an all out war on the synth and other refugees at Acadia.

As demonstrated in the video below from YouTuber TechoFuns Gaming.

Of course, when the Far Harbor citizens kill off the synths and refugees in Acadia, it also means that they will kill Kasumi, thus resulting in an unfortunate end to the daughter of the parents who hired you to find her. You’ll have to explain to the Nakano’s that Kasumi died.

You can see each of the endings and the possibilities of those endings with the video below.

Technically there are different nuances to each of the endings, depending on the choices made throughout the game. If you help enough of the people at Far Harbor it’s possible that they will kill DiMA but not kill the synth refugees at Acadia. If you complete enough of the quests for the Children of Atom it’s also possible to convince them to blow themselves up and not harm the Arcadians or those at Far Harbor.

The ending(s) to Far Harbor aren’t quite as black and white as some of the other DLC out there, and there is room for variance and nuance depending on the player’s actions.

Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC is available right now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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