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Here’s How To Find Secrets And Hidden Items In DOOM

Looking for all the secrets and hidden locations or Easter eggs in Bethesda and id Software’s DOOM? If so, you will be able to find a nice portion of the secrets hidden in the game, maybe not all, but a good sum to bring back that nostalgic feeling and an upper hand in battles. Players can find these secrets on the Xbox One, PC and PS4 version of DOOM.

Hard at work, YouTuber ITCHYBUNNY GAMING has managed to find a nice portion of secrets and hidden locations across the latest DOOM. If you are in search of any of the hidden goodies in Doom, look no further than the series of videos produced to help you find exactly what you’re looking for and a bunch of stuff you didn’t know you were looking for.

Below is a slew of videos that you can watch. Although I’m sure the YouTuber will eventually make a playlist so that folks can skip through the secrets they’ve already found.

The first video covers the UAC base in the first mission and speeds through so that the search is quick for anything that you are after. In addition, those who’ve played the classic DOOM will see some nice flashbacks to Ultimate DOOM and DOOM 2: Hell on Earth.

As seen above, the video finds the secret room and the little figurine that I’m sure collectors will enjoy to have in their possession. The second video covers the second mission in the Resource Operations. You can view it below.

After finding levers that open hidden rooms, it will take you back to those chunky looking graphics of the original 90’s version of DOOM, which is sweet. Looking over to the third stage, players will be peering into every corner to find any secrets in the Foundry. The video below covers an extensive look into the third stage.

The fourth video covers the Argent Facility and all of its secrets. This should help those out who’ve already found everything in the third stage and want to look for anything hidden in the fourth mission. You can view it below.

The next video is the  fifth stage, and happens to be the fifth video. this covers not the Argent Facility, but the Argent Energy Tower and all of its secrets. If you are stuck on this stage while searching for any secrets, check it out below.

The above video shows a lot of good secrets and figurines for one to hoard. Besides that the next video shows the sixth location, which is in the Kadingir Sanctum. The hidden secrets and items can be seen below.

The seventh video shows exactly what those are looking for when it comes to finding every secret in the Argent Facility Destroyed section. It’s noted that players should get the figurine first and then flip the lever.

The second to last video revealing the secrets in the game offer a nice look into the eighth mission entitled Advanced Research Complex. This shows a secret air-vent leading to a secret area and a power upgrade, and much more.

The last video showing the secrets hidden in DOOM pertain to the Lazarus Labs stage. This shows a nice variety of secrets for those in need of them on the ninth stage.

If you are stuck, it’s best to select one of the videos and find what level you are on to see if you can get unstuck. I’m sure ITCHYBUNNY GAMING will have more great videos to come relating to secrets and other hidden stuff in the FPS. Lastly, DOOM is out now, which dropped on May 13th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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