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Here’s How To Find The Drone Weapon Mod Locations In DOOM

DOOM for PC, PS4 and Xbox One is out now, and there are some players wondering where all the field drone locations are so that they can upgrade their weapons with better mods. This covers quite a bit of the weapon drone locations sprawled across the various stages in the brutal FPS. 

Getting straight into the depths of hell, the first weapon field drone mod can be found in The UAC level, which is the first. You will need a blue key-card when going through the door that leads to it. Follow the door down to a broken bridge. Make your way across the bridge and turn right to see the first weapon mod.

The second stage, Resource Operations, holds the second drone  by entering the yellow key-card room. The flying drone is right near the yellow key card, which will provide one with a new upgrade.

Finding the third drone can be found on the Foundry stage, marking the third level. Once in, follow the path to the main section of the foundry, and turn right. Jump across the door on the other side to find the third field drone.

Looking over to the fourth stage, folks will find that the Argent Facility has two. After fighting the big bad Hell Knights, reach a room with parked hovering cargo transports. Use a rocky ledge to reach the cargo door to go under to find a hangar with the first field drone in the stage. The second can be found by going near the hydroponics laboratory and then by heading up some steps, and then traveling right to find the drone.

There’s a playlist by Powerpyx that also covers each of the drone locations so you’ll know exactly where to go to find them in each of the stages. You can check out the playlist below.

The Argent Energy Tower holds the sixth field drone that can be found by jumping across the tall stairwell after reaching the tower. By heading left and moving up to another bridge, one should see a control room. This will lead you to the sixth drone.

Upon entering the sixth level, or the Kadingir Sanctum, there will be a door with a red mark and a skull switch to open it. Head through and travel through the arena until you make it to some stairs. Once at the top, go left and you should see the seventh field drone waiting for you.

On the seventh stage, Argent Facility (Destroyed), there will be an area near the end that has electrical water. Go near the lowered bridge in search of a terminal. This will help you get to a suspended platform so that you can reach a small space with the drone.

The ninth field drone can be found in the Advanced Research Facility. On the eighth stage, you will see a room with two vent shafts. turn off the turbine for the active shaft by utilizing a terminal to stop the wind. Once in, go to the hatch below to find the field drone.

Folks will find that the Lazurus Lab holds the next drone that can be found on the path that you have to take, which is pretty straight forward.

I’m sure there are some drones missing from the list, but this list will be updated when more are found. As of now, this covers quite a bit of field drones and where to find them in DOOM. The game is currently out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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