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1410000cookie-checkNintendo NX Expected to Cover For Poor Wii U Sales In 2017

Nintendo NX Expected to Cover For Poor Wii U Sales In 2017

Nintendo isn’t expecting the Wii U to sell much by 2017. In fact, they’re barely expecting 800,000 units to sell throughout the fiscal year. However, the Big ‘N’ is expecting to compensate for the poor Wii U sales with mobile and Nintendo NX sales.

According to Gaming Conviction, the new head of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, commented in a Q&A about the poor sales of the Wii U and the expected deliverance that the Nintendo NX will bring, stating…

“We are predicting about 800,000 Wii U hardware sales in the fiscal year ending March 2017, which is a decrease of about 2.4 million units compared to the previous year. NX and smart device business will be essential to cover this gap, but we also expect download content business to play a role. However, we are planning with the expectation that NX sales will compensate for much of the impact on sales from reduced Wii U hardware sales.”

That’s crazy terrible news for the Wii U.

In fact, only 800,000 SKUs being sold by the end of fiscal 2016 leading into 2017. That means they don’t expect much for the tail-end of Star Fox Zero, and they really are expecting to put all their eggs in the basket of The Legend of Zelda next year.

In a way, it feels like after Iwata passed the company is in a bit of a tailspin as far as direction and cohesion is concerned. They haven’t really laid out any plans for the future that seem concrete, and the software that they’ve released all seem supplemental for something bigger. I just hope that something “bigger” isn’t just The Legend of Zelda because the Nintendo NX will need to define its generation based a collection of high quality titles, not a single AAA cross-gen release.

We’ll see what Nintendo has in store as they lead up toward the Nintendo NX’s release in March of 2017.

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