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ARK: Survival Evolved, Here’s How To Tame The Titanosaurus

Those who enjoy playing Studio Wildcard’s ARK: Survival Evolved will find that a new giant beast has set foot on the land. Known as the Vagacastrum, or the Titanosaurus, folks will learn how to tame the creature in this guide by using another forceful method to capture it. ARK: Survival Evolved is out now for PC, and Xbox One and coming soon to the PlayStation 4.

Getting straight into the meat in this guide, folks will find that taming the gigantic beast doesn’t follow the same typical rules of torpor but one of beating the Titanosaurus over the head (or face) with heavy ballistics to tame it. It’s worth noting that as of this writing it is only on PC and not on Xbox One yet.

Now that you know that it doesn’t take food or narcotics to tame the beast, you will need to attack its head with a Catapult Turret, Billista Turret, Rocket Turret or by using a Primitive Cannon. By abusing its head with said weapons will result in it gaining torpor, and if done right it will become unconscious.

From here you will need to access the inventory and place a saddle on it, which will instantly tame it. However, on official servers the Titanosaurus has a timer of 16-20 hours before going back to being wild and/or starving.

In addition, the giant beast cannot be fed on the official servers, and can only be fed by using the unofficial server with the console command /AllowRaidDinoFeeding+true. The only current food that the beast enjoys seems to be the Mejoberries, but that might change in a later update.

At the moment there can only be three Titanosaurus in the world, and if all three are tamed the rest will stop spawning. Without further ado, you can check out a video guide on how to tame the Titanosaurus, thanks to DemoStorm.

Lastly, the beast has a wild and domestic Health of 230,000 and 150,000, a Stamina of 2,000, Oxygen of 600, Food of 8,640, a weight of 50,000, a Melee Damage of 500 to the second power (or squared), Movement Speed of 100%, and Torpor of 50,000.

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