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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story And Ending Explained

Some people loved the story in DICE’s newest Mirror’s Edge game, while others couldn’t quite follow what was going on. For gamers curious about the story and the ending, this here article breaks it down for you so the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst story and ending are fully explained.

At the start of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Faith is let out of a detention center and she’s immediately brought back into her old ways as a runner with the help of her courier handler, named Noah. She also meets up with another runner named Icarus who she has a heated rivalry with.

One of the early missions sees Faith infiltrating a KrugerSec building where she witnesses another infiltrator attempting to steal information from KrugerSec. After he gets the data off the computer Kruger’s right-hand woman, Isabel Kruger, beats up the infiltrator. The infiltrator takes a cyanide pill and dies before they can question him. Meanwhile, Faith grabs the disc that the infiltrator made and manages to escape.

The disc is encrypted, so Faith takes it to a hacker named Plastic to decrypt the data, which reveals that KrugerSec is working on expanding a blueprint for their prototype called Reflection, which biometrically connects people to KrugerSec’s and the Conglomerate’s network infrastructure known as the Grid. It allows them to monitor someone’s health, help with ailments and even control their vital organs.

During a flashback sequence we learn about what happened to Faith, her sister and her parents. In the flashback we find out that during one of the protests, Faith and Cat’s parents were killed by KrugerSec operatives. Faith and Cat were hiding in a maintenance tunnel trying to escape from the KrugerSec operatives after their parents were killed; the operatives toss a gas grenade into the tunnel with the girls. Faith managed to escape and ends up with Noah, but Cat did not, inhaling unhealthy amounts of the gas, supposedly killing her.

It turns out that Cat – full name Caitlyn Connors – didn’t die, she was taken under the wing of Gabriel Kruger, adopted and renamed to Isabel Kruger. She grows up to be his right-hand woman, doing all his dirty work as a KrugerSec top brass.

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KrugerSec eventually finds out where the runner’s hideout is and attack the hideout, also capturing them. After the attack, Faith and Icarus join Black November, which is led by the extremist communist Rebecca.

Black November believes that every individual is worth less than the collective, where-as the Conglomerate believes that every individual is worth whatever they’re capable of achieving, thus there’s a power struggle between the communists and the capital-driven individualists.

Black November hatches a plan to capture Isabel Kruger and does so successfully with Faith’s help. Unfortunately, Isabel can’t breathe well underground in the Black November base, and is slowly dying.

Meanwhile, Faith is tipped off by Dogen, an information smuggler, that the attack on the runner’s hideout didn’t actually result in the runners being killed, but rather captured. Faith contacts her hacker friend Plastic to locate where the other runners are being held. It turns out that KrugerSec took them to an underground facility called The Kingdom.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - The Kingdom

Faith heads deep underground where she finds The Kingdom. Locked up inside one of the cells is a former scientist who worked on the Reflection blueprint, revealing that once Reflection is hooked up to the Grid and everyone is injected with it, the Conglomerate would not only be able to monitor health issues and biometrics, they would literally be able to control emotions and thoughts. Thus, removing free thought.

The Conglomerate wants to be the Illuminati.

Only Faith can stop them.

It also turns out that Faith’s mother also worked on Reflection, helping set the foundations of it in motion. But after she realized what KrugerSec was up to, she rebelled.

Faith manages to activate the prisoner release protocol to get some of the prisoners out alive, and then she goes to save Noah who is in the interrogation room; but it turns out that Kruger has Noah killed using a kill-switch in Reflection, which instantly terminates Noah’s life. This happens right as Faith gets to the room.

When Faith returns to the Black November lair it turns out that KrugerSec managed to rescue Isabel and inject Icarus with Reflection. The freed Doctor, Aline, and Plastic work together to come up with a way to stop Reflection, but it involves gaining access using Kruger’s personal gridPrint.

Faith gets into Kruger’s private apartment, takes his gridPrint and gets it back to Eline and Plastic who create a virus to take Reflection offline.

Faith has to travel to the very top of The Shard to upload the virus to take down Reflection. However, Faith is confronted by Kruger and Isabel once she reaches the top of the Shard and attempts to shut down Reflection.

Players are forced to engage in a rather unimpressive and clumsy fight with two guards (counter-attacks and blocks are no longer present like they were in the first Mirror’s Edge). After the guards are defeated, Faith fights Kruger and tries to take Reflection offline by inserting the virus, but Kruger warns Faith that shutting down Reflection would kill Isabel since she has a chronic lung disease , and Reflection is the only thing helping keep the disease bay.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Ending

Isabel/Cat, runs away and Faith chases her. The two have a fight scene on a heli-port where the Shard is falling apart. Kruger tries to rescue Isabel/Cat, but the VTOL gets damaged during the collapse of the heli-port. Isabel helps Faith and then goes to help Kruger who asks for her help while the port completely crumbles in. Isabel manages to get rescued by the VTOL but Kruger is nowhere to be seen.

After the Shard incident, most people didn’t really rise up against the Conglomerate but instead go back to their everyday lives, and most people weren’t aware of what happened with Reflection. Faith ends up getting the tattoo on her arm, which was a painting shown to her by her mother when she was a child.

The game ends with Isabel Kruger/Cat taking over KrugerSec as the new head of the company. They ask what Faith is going to do next and she says she’s… “gonna run”.

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