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Portal Knights Adds Controller Support, New Furniture Types

Keen games announced recently that their building-block adventure game, Portal Knights, has been updated to include controller support, new furniture types and the ability to hide head armor. This is all added amongst additional features such as new weapon types and skills for certain classes.

Over on the Steam community page, Keen Games notified the community about the latest update in version 0.4.0. It includes the aforementioned controller support, new cupboards and shelves in which to decorate and adorn your abode with, new options to enable or disable auto-locking, as well as the ability to use the new crystal building blocks, which also come in multiple colors.

They’ve added a new warrior skill called “Crushing Leap” and they’ve plopped in a new flash that summons a a light wisp.

The developers also included some brand new events for players to partake in across the Portal Knights universe. Some of the new events include parrot and turtle invasions, as well as mini-versions of some of the bigger bosses, which you will now encounter across some of the isles.

A number of tweaks and fixes were also implemented into the game, fixing up the overall performance and visual appeal of the game, this included re-balancing sharpening stones, the UI overlay, the furniture textures, as well as the day and night time shifts staying consistent across various worlds.

A couple of updates have also made their way to the Electro and Astral gems, along with the weapon and magic effects.

Portal Knights has been one of the few games to make full use of being in Early Access to actually improve and patch things very frequently. The developers seem to live up to their names, making keen use of user feedback in order to enhance the overall user experience.

Keen Games have already stated that they want to finish Portal Knights before 2016 is out. So you can definitely be sure to look forward to more updates and content additions to frequently come out leading up to the final release. You can get your hand on the Early Access rendition of Portal Knights right now for only $14.99 on the Steam store. For further info feel free to visit the official website.

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