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1417340cookie-checkThe Technomancer, Action-RPG Launch Trailer Means The Game Is Now Available

The Technomancer, Action-RPG Launch Trailer Means The Game Is Now Available

If you’ve been holding out for the launch of The Technomancer for home consoles and PC, your holding out has finally paid off. Spiders Studio and Focus Home Interactive’s The Technomancer is finally available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The game was originally supposed to launch on June 21st, last week, but it was delayed by a week at the very last minute. It’s one of the mid-budget titles to launch during those dreary summer days where a drought of high-profile titles usually comes into full effect.

Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer for the game, signaling its launch for the systems, and it does a darn fine job of giving gamers a crisp looking view of the sci-fi world that Spiders has built for The Technomancer. You can check out the launch trailer below.

The trailer covers how players will be in charge of a being known as a Technomancer; he goes by the name of Zachariah. They have the ability to wield supernatural powers and will encounter many foes and factions who would want to either snuff them out or take advantage of their abilities.

The game offers players a character customization feature at the start of the title, enabling players to fully modify and change the way their character looks and what division of a Technomancer they’ll pursue throughout the game. There are three different fighting styles that can be mastered, including a cloak-and-dagger style, a sword-and-board style and a staff style.

Gamers can scavenge the wastelands of Mars for new gear, equipment and upgrades, as well as bring companions along for the ride.

There’s a bit of romance, some betrayal, plenty of interactions, lots of quests and an expansive world that Spiders have created to help gamers feel immersed into the sci-fi adventure.

You can grab a copy of The Technomancer right now from retailers or e-tailers alike. The game can be purchased for the Xbox One, PS4 or PC for $59.99. The digital-only version for PC is actually a bit cheaper, and can be acquired for $44.99. You can check out the official website store to see which retailers carry a physical copy or where you can grab a digital rendition of the game.

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