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1415540cookie-checkTom Clancy’s The Division: Old Shield And Primary Gun Glitch Works On Patch 1.2

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Old Shield And Primary Gun Glitch Works On Patch 1.2

It’s best advised to all those who like to glitch in Tom Clancy’s The Division, and who enjoyed using their primary weapons with their shield in the past to use the new version on patch 1.2. The glitch currently works on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on patch 1.2.

I knew the trading in The Division would be glitchy, I had no proof back then but my glitch instincts proved right and that the trading would hold a significant glitch. Reviving the old glitch that allowed one to use their shield while wielding a sniper rifle, machine gun or any other weapon of interest, is back and in full force if one desires to use it on patch 1.2.

To do the glitch simply get another spare pistol that you can drop or trade while holding the shield. Before the glitch activates, players should be holding the shield with the trade-able pistol that can also be dropped. Afterwards, it will put you on another weapon that stands as your main/primary.

It’s amazing to see how glitchy this game is and how useful these glitches are, too. In addition to this glitch, it works quick and you don’t have to worry unless you equip another pistol, but re-doing the glitch, as noted above, is very simple to replicate.

You can watch GamesGlitches do the glitch step-by-step, which the video starts around 1:17 as seen below.

If you’re wondering why the glitch works the way it does? Well, like GamesGlitches mentions in every video “cuz it’s the Division.” If you want to glitch and use your main weapon with your shield, it’s best to use this glitch now since the past version got patched.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Lastly, if the glitch doesn’t work anymore it’s most likely the devs got around to it and patched it.

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