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Evolve Stage 2 Evolves With 1 Million New Players

Turtlerock Studios and 2K Games made a desperate move to bring back the players to the game Evolve. They decided to make it free-to-play, risking practically nothing given that their player count had been driven into the ground, with less than 200 active players a day. Well, the move to a free-to-play model has paid off for the game, as it has surged with more than a million new players.

COG Connected spotted the news from over on Twitter, where the official account for Evolve sent out the following tweet.

It had been reported before that Evolve Stage 2 managed to bring in 40,000 active players a day after going free-to-play. Those numbers just kept growing since its re-release on July 8th last week.

Evolve Stage 2 has steadily climbed up to more than a million total new players. Turtlerock is funding the game through the DLC and microtransactions.

Speaking of DLC… if you join in and start playing Evolve Stage 2 before July 18th, you’re eligible for receiving a free DLC hunter skin.

According to the Steam game stats, a snapshot shows that at the moment Turtlerock’s revived and resuscitated asymmetric first-person shooter is now peaking at around 39,000 players per day, which is down from what it was when it was peaking during the original re-release but it’s still impressive numbers nonetheless.


I was never particularly big on Evolve. It was a game that had potential that felt squandered under the mediocrity of trying to appeal to casuals.

Anyway, if you want to get in on the game and play-test some monsters or some hunters, feel free to do so right now since the game is free-to-play for the foreseeable future. Be warned that it’s still not entirely fair and frustration is bound to ensue. Learn more by checking out the official website.

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