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Furi Endings Explained

The Game Bakers’ Furi has been a marvel upon its release, giving gamers a true throwback to a classic, hardcore gaming experience. The story is told in a rather thin manner, leaving gamers to piece together what happened and why. Well, a video has released showcasing and explaining all of Furi’s endings.

Things start off with the main character, Rider, imprisoned. The Mystic Bunny brings Rider his sword and sets him on his way to beating each of the Guardians, all of whom attempt to stop Rider or put him back in prison.

YouTuber Duck360Gaming2 posted up the video showcasing each of the endings that occur throughout the game.

In the first ending, Rider has the choice of joining with the sixth boss in the game, The Song, on the fractured plateaus. The option becomes available after defeating the fifth Guardian in the game, and when Rider approaches The Song, players will be given the choice of staying on the plateau or leaving it. If players leave the plateau then a boss battle ensues, if they stay, then The Song continues to explain that everything he suffered was a mistake – from the Guardians, him being tortured, to his imprisonment.

If players choose to stay with The Song, they find out that she was the one who ordered the others to imprison Rider after he was sent down to the planet from above. She also states that he won’t ever be able to go to her world, but he can be “free” on the fractured plateaus with her. She says that she will be his and he will be hers and they will embrace the memories of one another. The game sees the credits rolling as Rider takes a seat with the False Angel, where he seemingly lives a life of tranquility, but also a life without answers.

In the bad ending, after Rider defeats the final Guardian, he travels to a sanctum that has a mech suit and a straight shot up to space. Rider ends up taking the mech suit and blasts up into space after defeating all of the Guardians. He ends up flying through a space installation filled with other troops in mechs. When he ends up in the center of the installation a giant mother brain asks if he wants to assimilate the planet or not. Players will have a choice here, and if the choice is to assimilate the planet then the mother brain activates all of the capsules containing the soldiers and sends them down to wipe out the planet. This particular ending concludes with a the horizon going up in flames as the invasion for assimilation begins.

Furi Ending

In the good ending of Furi, if the destruction of the Mothership is chosen, Rider faces off against the mother brain in one final boss battle and destroys the ship and all of the troops within the structure. He then heads back to down to the planet, falling into some unknown area in the distance. The game ends with it being bright and sunny out as the child and the mystic bunny walk off, with the planet seemingly safe for the time being.

Ultimately Rider was one of the many soldiers on the Mothership. Each soldier would be sent to a planet as a scout and then report back to the ship to prep the planet for assimilation through destruction. Rider, however, was defeated, captured and imprisoned. Eventually, the Mystic Bunny frees Rider, setting him against the Guardians. Rider, however, has to make a choice to either assimilate and destroy the planet or save the planet by destroying the Mothership and the other soldiers.

In the end, the journey and the hardships of each battle in Furi helps shape the player’s decision in determining the fate of the world… whether they will be the bringer of death or a guardian for peace.

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