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Furi: How To Get An S Rank On The Final Boss The Star

Furi has a lot of brutal bosses and segments that aren’t known for going easy on the weak of heart, but they’re designed for the mighty and the furious. If you’re seeking to sharpen your skills and complete the game with an S rank against the final boss, The Star, this guide will teach you how to beat the boss. The Game Bakers’ fast-paced boss fighting game Furi is out now for PS4.

If you are like me and strive to get all or almost all of the trophies in a game that you really enjoy, which in this case would be Furi, you’ll find that it is possible to do such a thing when fighting the giant techno head and walk away with an S rank.

Like all enemies in the game they all hold patterns that can be countered depending on your reactions and how quick you can dodge and attack them. This means going through the fight setting records, or almost setting records, across all three tiers are important if you want an S rank.

According to the video footage that BeardBear posted, folks will need a score similar or close to his, which stands at a clear time of 0:05:55 (which is a new record for him), 0 KOs, and eight hits (which is also a new record). If you can achieve the same score you will automatically rank S across all three tiers.

As of course, you can see the whole thing go down from start to finish in the video (along with some mishaps). I should note before throwing up the video that he doesn’t have a perfect run at the start of the video and restarts multiple times to show that you can do the mission after failure. Thanks to BeardBear you can watch the video below.

If you wish to test your skills against the final boss known as The Star you will be able to do so in Furi, which is out now for PS4.

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