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1419000cookie-checkGTA 5 Online 1.35 Buffalo Duplication Glitch Spreads Across YouTube
13 July 2016
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GTA 5 Online 1.35 Buffalo Duplication Glitch Spreads Across YouTube

A new car duplication has arrived for GTA 5 online component, enabling PS4, PC, and Xbox One users to take advantage of the extra money-making measures that have arrived with the Cunning Stunts update.

Rockstar detailed over on their official news wire what the 1.35 update entails, which includes suspended stunt tracks high up in the air, 13 all new vehicles, and brand new sponsored racing garb. They also plan to release a stunt track editor sometime in the near future.

Despite some people loving the idea of racing across crazy tracks and performing crazy stunts, others only wanted to find glitches and duplication cheats… and so they have.

According to MathijsModz there’s a multi-step process for duplicating cars in GTA Online’s 1.35 patch. All of the new glitch videos no longer show any actual footage of GTA V because Take-Two Interactive will have their lawyers shutdown the entire YouTube channel associated with the content.

So first up, you’ll need a 10 car garage that’s completely full. Then you’ll need to find a street car like a Buffalo or any other car, and fully upgrade it but don’t add a tracker to it. You’ll then need to start up a session in GTA Online and set the spawn location to the “last location”.

Proceed to fully upgrade the street vehicle and then head back to your 10-car garage. Proceed to park your car next to the blue circle at your garage and then open up the interaction menu. Make sure that the car is parked in such a way that once you exit it you’re standing directly on the blue circle. It may ask you to replace a car, simply choose the nearest car to the exit to replace.

You will automatically end up in the garage, but you’ll want to immediately exit back outside.

Proceed to get back into the car near the blue circle and then pull up the phone and accept a job from Ron. Once the lobby is loaded you’re going to want to exit and then stand still for six seconds. You should then see a newly spawned version of the car you fully upgraded.

Go into your garage and there should be another version of your fully upgraded car inside. Get in and then drive it outside and it should show another version of your car outside. You can sell the duplicated version of the car, then head back to your garage and sell the second version if you want. You can rinse and repeat this method to keep selling cars.

Now this glitch requires a couple of different things compared to the other one above. You’ll need two different players, a Buffalo car, a Ron or Gerald mission, and one car that does not have a tracker on it.

Both players will need to go into the player options menu and set the jobs level to “custom” so that only custom jobs show up on the map. Much like the last video, both players will also need to set their spawn location to the “last location”.

Proceed to enter into a public lobby with your friend. Once you’re in the lobby, find a Buffalo street car and upgrade it as much as you want (depending on how much you upgrade it will determine what it can be sold for when duplicated). Just be sure not to put a tracker on it.

Whoever is in the driver seat will be the one duplicating the car. Drive to the blue circle in the middle of the Los Santos Customs lot. This should be the Los Santos Customs closet to the Eclipse Towers.

The driver must start a run mission and the passenger must get out of the vehicle and then spam the right D-pad button repeatedly.

The driver must then quickly exit the Ronald or Gerald mission as soon as possible. The driver then needs to exit the vehicle on the blue circle at Los Santos Customs and spam right on the D-pad just like the passenger.

The passenger then needs to exit the mission lobby screen as well and then get into the car and drive to the entrance of the Los Santos Customs parking lot furthest from the blue mission circle.

The friend (who was the passenger) then needs to invite the player (who was the former driver) into the mission. The player then needs to exit the mission lobby in order to accept the invite from the friend.

The player will freeze for around three to six seconds after this occurs. After unfreezing, the player will be able to walk around and there should be a duplicate of two Buffalos near the player’s position.

One of the cars you will be able to enter while the other car may not be enterable. You will be able to sell the second Buffalo for some profit. You can rinse and repeat this method with a friend to keep duplicating the Buffalo and make some extra dosh.

The GTA Online 1.35 update entitled Cunning Stunts is available right now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC users, along with the plethora of duplication glitches.

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