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How To Tame Animals In Riders Of Icarus

Nexon and WeMade Entertainment’s Riders of Icarus is the latest in free-to-play MMORPGs. It’s grindy, for sure, but it also has a neat feature where it allows players to tame just about any and every creature out there. For those of you who who need a quick refresher course on how to tame animals, beasts and familiars in order to turn them into mounts, this guide here will help give you a quick rundown.

So first up, you’ll need to talk to the tamer NPC near the start of the game when you’re around level 4 or 5. She’ll walk you through the basics of using your taming skills to acquire new mounts. Basically, you hold down the taming skill button and then sneak up behind the creature you want to mount.

If you don’t have the taming skill on your hotkey bar, just simply press the ‘K’ button on the keyboard to bring up the skill menu and place the skill on your hotkey bar by dragging it below using the mouse.

When it’s time to tame the familiar, wait until its back is turned and then press your jump button to leap up and land on the back of the mount. This will begin a mini-game where you’ll need to press the corresponding keys at the right time in order to successfully tame the animal.

Now in Riders of Icarus it’s not an instantaneous button-mashing sequence or the equivalent of a quick-time event. It’s a tense process where there are two bars that fill up, a success bar and a failure bar. The top bar, for success, will automatically fill up along with the the failure bar. In order to keep the success in check you’ll need to wait for the ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’ icons to light up and then press the corresponding button at the right moment. If you do it successfully the success bar will continue to rise while the failure bar will stall.

The idea is to wait and time the button presses to successfully tame the familiar.

For some familiars it’s easier or harder than others. Some will require more time to tame them and a longer mini-game, while others will be short and snappy.

As you tame familiars and turn them into mounts, you can access the mount menu using the ‘Y’ button on the keyboard. You can also easily activate a mount by pressing the ‘U’ button on the keyboard.

To easily access different mounts using the hotkeys, you can open up the familiar window and drag the icons of the familiars to your hotkey bar.

Just about every monster/creature/animal that looks large enough to fit a human on its back can be tamed. So feel free to experiment with capturing any familiar that catches your attention.

As you journey throughout the game you can also turn captured mounts/familiars into pets. You simply need to use the pet scroll on the mount to turn it into a pet. However, once you do so you won’t be able to ride that particular mount anymore as they’ll be a pet that can journey alongside you or fight in battle.

You can learn more about Riders of Icarus by visiting the game’s official website.

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