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Riders Of Icarus: How To Tame The Yvoke, Bloodwyrm And Magma Hound

Nexon’s mythical creature-based game, Riders Of Icarus, has a lot of creatures that one can tame throughout the game. However, not everyone knows how to tame every creature across the land. In this guide folks will learn how to tame the flying bird-like creature the Yvoke, the Red or Blue Bloodwyrm dragon, and the giant burning beast the Magma Hound.

We will start off with the flying bird-like creature the Yvoke. This one is pretty easy to tame, first you will need to kill around 20 or more Striped Seawings to obtain a “Recipe.” The Recipe will call for three Screamers (Sealed) and 20 Familiar Orbs. If that sounds too hard, a video by RedBlonde has a descriptive guide to help folks out, although he doesn’t show the actual process step-by-step.

If you fancy both the Red Bloodwyrm and the Blue Bloodwyrm dragons you can actually get them by heading to the Guardian’s Gate as early as level 18 or 19 depending on how fast you are progressing through the game. You will need to complete a quest to get a Caldera Firebeak, and you should be fine. Fly out near the giant floating obelisk towards the middle, which around 20 meters you should see Black Stormwing Dragons. The taming process should start by shooting it with a crossbow and then luring it down a bit to hover over it to tame the creature. Warning: This might take a few tries.

The next part might stand to be even more challenging. Using the Stormwing you’ve just tamed, ascend to its maximum height and you should be able to see more types of dragons flying around near the obelisk. Shoot your crossbow bolts at the newly found Red Bloodwyrm or Blue Bloodwyrm dragons and then lure either or down to do the same thing as you did with the Black Stormwing Dragon.

Once again, RedBlonde has another video on how to capture the Red Bloodwyrm or Blue Bloodwyrm in a two minute long video guide.

Lastly, the Magma Hound can be tamed by getting a Recipe or Blazing Hearth by heading to Lavalight Cave on Heroic, where you will also find the Hound. To craft the Recipe you will need ten Dancing flames, which can be farmed inside the dungeon near the boss – Spark Flames, along with 25 Familiar Orbs.

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And that’s basically it to taming the Yvoke, Bloodwyrm And Magma Hound creatures. Riders of Icarus’ free open beta will start on July 6th for PC, which is tomorrow as of this writing. You can learn more about the game by heading to Steam or its official website.

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